Grounding: Day One

thumbnailIf you missed this post where I explain what this 30 day challenge is all about, you might want to go check it out before cracking on with this one.

So, here’s my round up of day ONE of trying this Grounding method out! Theoretically, I should feel a reduction in aches, pains and even stress, because I’m reconnecting with the Earth, which isn’t as cooky as it sounds – there’s actual scientific evidence to support the claim that we need to spend some time walking around on the ground!

As I stepped onto a small patch of grass, not too far from my garden path, the first thing I felt was shock. Yes, shock. From the moment my toes made contact with the freezing cold Earth, I nearly jumped out of my skin.

Within twenty seconds, my feet felt like they had become blocks of ice. And although the temperatures were around 7 degrees celsius, it FELT like the ground may as well have been the North Pole.

What I can say though, is my body took an involuntary deep breath. It was automatic. Once the shock of the cold started to ebb away, I felt my shoulders relax and I closed my eyes allowing my lungs to expand and take in the cool air. The aroma of grass and wet leaves filled my nostrils and I did feel a sort of tingling sensation in my feet – no doubt from how cold they felt!

I can not say my aches and pains dissipated though. Today, I went to the gym, which is a WHOLE other blog post to write about, so my knees, abs, legs and well, EVERYWHERE ached. But while I was hopping around moaning about my cold feet, I was not thinking about my sore abs, so does that count?

As for the effects it had on me for the rest of the day? Well, again, perhaps bad timing, because not only did I have the usual school run and food shop to keep up with, but my children declared it was the SCHOOL DISCO tonight.

The words; “school disco” make me shudder, knowing just how much pain and suffering is involved. I had to take the dog to the vet for her jabs, rush home and prepare a quick dinner EARLY, get the boys some suitable disco clothes out of their drawers, help the boys get ready, drive the younger two to their disco (which is one hour earlier than my oldest son’s disco) stand for 15 mins in the cold, waiting to go inside, then dash home, grab a drink, go to the bathroom and wham! it’s time to do the swap. Get back in the car, drive to the school, run into the hall, pick up the younger two boys, walk round to the next line and stand there for another 15 minutes waiting to take my oldest son to his disco. After that, drive the younger two boys home to have showers and get ready for bed with their dad, while I drove back to the shop to buy RED T shirts for their “Red themed Dress down day” tomorrow (That I only got the MEMO about hours ago) Dash back to the disco to pick up son, drive home and find…chaos. One son has scratched a mole which is now bleeding everywhere, the dog is running in and out of everyone’s bedrooms, half-dressed, over-tired kids were running around whining and avoiding the inevitable – BEDTIME. And every inch of my body was screaming at me to sit down. But I needed to do the dishes, put the shopping away, help the boys all into bed, make toast and pour milk for those last minute snacks and then put some laundry away. 

*Stops to take a deep breath*

It was a pretty intense evening. So I can’t really say I felt super relaxed and less PAIN.

But, I did enjoy my two minutes standing alone, away from the chaos and just take a few moments to breathe in the great outdoors (that is, my garden that sits quite close to a main road so is probably full of polluted air) But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Let’s see how day two goes…

HAVE YOU TRIED GROUNDING? I’d love to hear from you!



5 thoughts on “Grounding: Day One

  1. I love running around with the children barefoot outside in the summertime. Can’t say I’ve tried it in the Winter. I don’t like to even leave the house when it’s cold. lol. Good for you for trying it. Let’s hope it helps and you don’t catch cold!

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