Grounding: Day Two



Grounding Day Two:

Following my gym escapades and crazy disco school runs yesterday you can imagine how I woke up this morning. One word. Beginning with P. And no, it’s not “Peaceful”


Oh my. My legs were burning! Yes, ladies and gentleman, this girl was on FIRE! (Sing it with me) My back, my knees, my hamstrings and calf’s and well everywhere was sore!

However, I will say that I went to sleep extremely peacefully around 10:30pm last night, did not have any nightmares AND woke up wide awake at 6:30am! This is very rare for me, but was it because of my two minutes of grounding that day? It’s too early to tell.

Today I met up with a couple of friends – Melanie and her daughter Marie-Anne – for “brunch” at Frankie and Bennys. (It’s one of my favourite places to eat!) we laughed, we bantered, we exchanged stories and ate extremely healthy breakfasts. Of course. *wink*

So I was feeling pretty relaxed, I had a nice chat with my mum, cuddled my puppy…it was all good, until school run.

I feel like every school pick up is like a real life game of Buckaroo (remember this game
?) My three boys come out and my arms are piled with bookbags, lunch bags, water bottles, letters, jumpers, PE bags and a whole load of other “stuff” until I routinely through a “mummy tantrum” and shout “I’m not a donkey! Carry your own bags!” (Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this)

Then we fought the Friday traffic and went to the shop nearby to grab some movie snacks because Friday night in the Burton household is “Movie Night”. Tonight we are watching “The Spy Next Door” again.

So shopping on a Friday just after school is a bad move. It’s not good for the old stress levels and find your “Chi.” Instead, I am marching into battle, pushing a trolley (which reminded me of those weight trolleys I saw people pushing at the gym yesterday) dealing with a few “Cling-ons” and desperately trying to play “Supermarket Sweep”, pay for the goods and get the heck out of there before my nerves explode.

When we got home, the chaos continued. Everyone congregated in the kitchen including a hungry puppy and even the family hamster came out of his cave to see what the fuss was about.

“Mum can you help me open this,”

“Mummy Daisy peed”

“Where is my sweetie pizza?”

“Alex stop it, give it back”

And it went on and on while I tried to clean up after the dog, feed her, put the shopping away, opened Nicholas’ toy bird cage, tidied up a little and handed out some sweets. (Friday treat!)

Everyone left the room to do their own thing and settle down so I stepped outside and took my two minutes to “ground” myself.

As expected, my feet were cold as soon as I stepped onto the pavement and then the grass was wet so not only were my feet cold, but they were damp too. Yet I must admit it felt like a massive relief. Once again my shoulders relaxed and I let out a big sigh, closing my eyes.

“Ok, this is ok, I’m Ok” I found myself saving aloud. The two minutes passed by quicker than I anticipated and although I was happy to get back into the warmth of my home, I think on a warmer day I’d want to spend longer outside.

Surprisingly, all my aches and pains have subsided. The only part of me that hurts now is my head, which I’m pretty sure is due to the fact I’ve not had enough water today.

So, I know it’s only day two; but I can’t help but wonder that maybe, just maybe: this grounding experience isn’t just a crazy fad. Maybe there’s something more to it.

We’ll see.



P.S. HAVE YOU TRIED GROUNDING BEFORE? If so, I’d love to hear from you!

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