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Grounding: Day Three


Today I woke up feeling kind of fluey. Just low energy, nauseated, and dizzy. Every time I walked around to do some housework I felt hot/cold and just generally unwell.

So, I spent most of the day in bed. Plus, it was raining ALL Day. So I was kind of stuck, wondering how I’m going to do my daily “Grounding” while feeling poorly and in the wet weather!

Well, come dinner time I felt stiff and weary from being in bed, and noticed the rain had stopped, so I popped outside the back door and decided to stay on the pavement to see if I felt anything.

Standing outside, barefoot on the cold, damp pavement when the sun had set should have been a negative experience. But it was quite the opposite. I felt a huge sigh of relief and a peaceful feeling flow through my body, like someone just gave me a big old hug and said “you’re going to be alright”

I am LOVING this experiment so far. Although I’m only doing it for a couple of minutes I really am finding it to have a lovely effect on me.

I do however, hope that tomorrow is a warmer, dryer day!



P.S. Have you tried Grounding before? Id love to hear about your experiences!

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