Grounding: Day Four

GroundingCA01287F-537C-4FE0-808E-8B8FA53D4617 Day Four:

Today I woke up feverish and achey. So it was another day mostly camped out on the sofa or laying down. It’s one of those weird viruses where you think you’re fine until you stand up!

I can’t explain how I feel when I’m indoors, on a bed or leather couch…but the difference in me when I step outside is unfathomable. A little like the difference between eating a microwave roast dinner and having the home cooked dinner from your mum.

The sun was out for a glorious moment today which proved a perfect opportunity to step outside barefoot and give a big sigh. Even though I am unwell, I feel relief whenever I’m connected to the ground.

I am noticing I’m going into a deep sleep at night, but of course with me being ill that could be nothing to do with the grounding. So we will see how the month continues…



PS. Tried Grounding before? Id love to read your experiences!

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