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Grounding: Day Five


Grounding: Day Five

I feel a lot better today. No more chills/fever and aches. In fact, I feel brilliant.

I awoke before my alarm went off and decided to actually do my hair and make up this morning. After some pampering and snuggles with the dog, I ventured outside for my daily “Grounding”.

Once again the sun was shining, yet the air was cool and flowing through my hair. I felt encircled by the elements and at one with the Earth. Which gave me an incredible feeling of comfort.

The ground was cold against my feet but I felt so connected, it totally reminds me of the scene in WallE where he sits out in the sun with solar panels to recharge.

I imagined a circle – the sun was shining directly on me and I soaked in the rays imagining them flowing through my body and into the earth, and back out of the earth to the sun.

I know I’m starting to sound like a crazy alternative person, but I dare you to try this experiment and come back and tell me I’m wrong. There is an undeniable experience when you consciously take a couple of minutes to stop what you’re doing, stand outside, take a deep breath and just take notice of what happens.

It is frankly; amazing. My quality of sleep is better, I feel less anxious and my general aches in my back and knees are considerably reduced.

I’ve already got ideas of what I want to do to extend this feeling, when the weather is a little warmer I plan to do yoga in the back garden.

Grounding, it’s free and has proven scientific benefits. And I’m your guinea pig on day 5 and I must say you HAVE to try it.



PS. Tried Grounding before? Id love to read your experiences!

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