Grounding: Day Six


Grounding Day Six:

Last night we had a storm which continued through this morning and well into the afternoon. I was beginning to worry that I’d have to do my daily “grounding” with an umbrella and let my feet get wet! But; once again, there was a short sunny spell in the late afternoon and that was my opportunity!

This morning was packed full of fun with the kids, I took them to the local Trampoline Park again and bounced a little too much. My knees started aching and the wet weather was playing havoc with my arthritis. We then ventured to McDonalds for a super healthy lunch. (Haha – healthy)

Got stuck in traffic on the way home which
Elevated the old stress levels because I needed to get Home to our puppy, Daisy. It took us 40 minutes to drive the two mile journey home.

General tidying, feeding and washing the dog ensued and then I realised the cupboards were looking pretty bare, so I took the kids around the supermarket (which is worthy of its own blog post; in short, my respect to all the mums out there with kids off school this week! It’s not easy shopping with bored, fighting wilder beasts – ahem; I mean “little darlings” clinging onto the trolley…)

So when I jumped outside, it was all calm in the house: the dog was sleeping, the boys were watching the Emoji movie and the rain had stopped. Perfect.

The pavement was still damp but not as cold as it had been during my previous grounding sessions. I took a deep breath and one again, the sun was shining on me which enhanced the sensation of feeling connected.

I read somewhere about the concept – or maybe it’s a fact; I can not remember – that all life on Earth lives off the sun’s energy. It’s found in the food we eat – which is why fresh food is the most nutritious. In fact, there’s a news article that highlights a man who lives simply by sun-gazing. He does not eat, but receives his nourishment through looking at the sun.

How amazing is that?!! Coming up… “Laura forgoes food and tries living off the sun for 30 days” KIDDING.


But I’m serious, I feel something when the sun shines on me. It’s more than just warmth or in some cases – feeling blinded. It has a sort of…vibration? Yes, I know how that sounds. But it’s just how it feels. I am looking forward to learning more about the sun and how grounding with the earth works.

Well anyway, my knees are still sore, so grounding didn’t cure me as much as I hoped today. BUT I’ve just realised that I’ve now gone 6 days with out chest pains.

Since my father passed away Halloween 2017 I have been plagued by crushing chest pains with only a day here or there of relief. So this is a remarkable reaction.

Roll on tomorrow.

Laura xoxo

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Ps, Tried Grounding before? I’d love to read your experience!

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