Grounding: Day Eight


Grounding: Day Eight

The sun was out in full glory today and I was in a much better mood – further supporting my belief that my moods reflect the weather.

When I stood in my back garden I noticed all sorts of sounds I previously ignored…the cars and trucks rushing along the main road, the sound of blades cutting through the air as a helicopter flew by sounded like a train in the sky. Even the wind as it shoved me backwards seemed to have a voice. It “shh’ed” me and made me feel like I was the only living person on the planet encircled in its protective power.

Grounding makes me feel safe. It feels like coming home after a long trip away. My shoulders relax and I shrug off all my stresses and worries of the day, feeling like I’m just taking some time to Center myself. You know?

The rest of the day I was tired. I felt like yesterday was full of emotion and release that today I felt like I needed to sleep and recover. My brain is usually going 100mph but today it was clear as a summer’s day.

In fact, I’m struggling to find the words today to describe how I’m feeling. Which is why it’s taken me this long to put up this post. I’m sure I’ll read this back and delete most of the paragraphs of “and the butterfly wings fanned through the sparkling sunlight” and just keep it short.


I feel peaceful. That’s the word I was looking for. I’m tired, I’m in need of some rest but otherwise at peace. I feel peace.

I found it. Yes, by a rather unconventional method but I found it.

I found my peace within my storm.



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