Grounding: Day Nine


Grounding: Day Nine

It is my Wedding Anniversary today. So today’s grounding was done in a reflective mood. As the sun settled its gaze on my face and my feet froze on the cold pavement, I was reminded of my wedding day.

My husband is shorter than me, so I decided to wear white satin ballet slippers with my wedding dress. They looked gorgeous but once I stepped onto the grass – still wet with morning dew on a cold sunny February day, my feet were icy cold.


In fact, there are not many pictures of my wedding outside – for this reason. I could only manage the pain for 15 minutes or so before I promptly walked off the grass and ventured inside. The wedding guests looked at me baffled because the bride had just left the photos. But not to worry, Ross (my husband) stayed behind and took the rest of the photos. Something that to this day, makes me laugh.

My wedding day was a fairytale. The guests all made a collective gasp as my father and I walked into the chapel, the music was expertly performed by Ross’ Dad who is a concert pianist. The bridesmaid dresses were made by his mum, who is a seamstress and she worked all through the night like some magical fairy godmother! My bouquet held 40 red roses made by my mother – who also baked and iced my 3-tier wedding cake.

The reception hall was decorated by my Sister who is into interior design and the photos were taken by Ross’ uncle – a professional wedding photographer.

Everything about that day was perfection. – Even the parts that were not so perfect.

In our religion (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) it is customary to have a legal wedding in a church and then go to a Mormon temple to be sealed (so that our marriage is eternal and lasts after death!)

So, Ross drove us back to our new home briefly to get our bags for the honeymoon (we were leaving after the temple) I threw my soaking wet ballerina slippers in the bin, changed out of my wedding dress into a pink skirt and jacket and ordered Ross to stay out the room while I changed.

We were running late for the temple but I said “hang on!! I need to post a parcel!” Ross was bemused, “Laura, it’s our wedding day…can’t it wait?”

“No! I have to send it ross! I sold something on eBay!” I replied hotly. Ross laughed and we found a postbox for me to post my parcel.

I remember running out of the temple clinging onto Ross’ hand for dear life with a massive grin on my face. We couldn’t stop laughing – like two kids who had just walked into a candy store and told they could have whatever they wanted!

I wish I could go back to that night. All was totally right in the world and my heart was just full to the bring with happiness.

Neither of us had truly been touched by life and the sting it can bring. We were fresh, new and totally unaware of what the future held.

But as I reflected on these memories and “grounding” today, I was aware of the growth in me. I was a girl back then (at 19 years old) now I am a woman. Wiser, curvier and I’ve become accustomed to pain and loss.

The memories I form now with my family are richer and more meaningful than before. I don’t stress about the small stuff and take notice of the small acts of kindness Ross does for me.

I felt energy flowing within me as I stood in the back garden and my heart swelled with love and gratitude. I made a silent prayer of thanks and my two minutes were up.

I am so grateful for beautiful, happy memories and look forward to creating more of them. Grounding is helping me to focus on that goal.



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