Grounding: Day Ten


Grounding: Day Ten

Wow! We are a third of the way through my 30 Day Challenge! I can’t believe it! Today, my youngest boy wanted to join me so he and I stood side by side in bare feet and enjoyed some “grounding”.

I asked my son if he felt good. He said “Yes, it’s nice” and then he asked if he could take a photo of “the weather” I’ll post his picture below:


Today I feel happy and content. Two emotions I have not experienced for a very very long time. I can sense the trees were coming to life after hibernating through the winter. Nature is waking up and even though we have a few more weeks before the season changes officially, I can just feel that the Earth is getting ready for Spring. New life, rebirth, hope. I feel like that’s what nature wanted me to feel today.

I also loved watching Daisy as she “grounded” with us, she absolutely loves running around the garden.

I have another 30 day challenge coming up and Grounding has been preparing me for it beautifully.

Well, that’s ten days down. I’ve grounded in the sun, the rain, ice and all the elements. I’ve had flu and recovered quicker than I normally do and my heart is healing.

If you haven’t tried it before, I totally recommend you give it a go. In just ten days I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in me!




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