Grounding: Day Eleven


Grounding: Day Eleven

Today I learnt a valuable lesson. Even if you’re grounded, you can still feel like you’re falling. I think whenever I read blogs about these lifestyle changes they sell the idea that all your worries and problems will go away if you just did a, b and c.

So after spending an entire night crying and hyperventilating (my puppy was rushed into a veterinary hospital with chocolate poisoning) I felt little relief from grounding today.

Nothing. Nada.

I couldn’t even bring myself to close my eyes and imagine something positive. I was cold, emotionally drained and had a migraine.

I wondered what on Earth I could write about today. And it was only during a period of reflection I realised a few things.

What I did take away from my two minutes standing bare-foot in the garden was that whatever happens in life, this is a routine that can always continue. I know that each day I will be able to take two minutes to be alone and reconnect with the Earth.

And the good news is, my puppy is recovering well and I will be reunited with her tomorrow!

Grounding won’t fix your problems. You’ll still have bad days, tragedy, emotional strains…but it does serve a purpose to remind you that:

1) the earth does not revolve around you,

2) you are part of something bigger than your own worries

3) life keeps moving on.

Bottom line: Whatever happens, it’s important to keep grounded.




p.s. Follow me tomorrow for a new 30 Day Challenge and Grounding updates!

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