Grounding: Day Twelve


Grounding: Day Twelve

I nearly didn’t go out and ground myself today. In fact, I spent almost the entire day wearing socks, which is very rare for me!

The reason is, I’ve started a new 30 day challenge (and no, it’s not wear socks all day every day) I’ll write another post about it this evening, but it meant that I needed to wear shoes for the morning while I went to the gym and the day fell into chaos and I haven’t been able to take a minute to breath, let alone walk outside bare feet and reconnect with the Earth!

When I finally popped outside, the sun had set and the sky was a deep dark shade of blue. It made everything have a blue hue to it, the buildings, the trees, the grass, my house…even me!

It was rush hour, I could hear the steady flow of traffic on the main road – probably a load of tired men and women on their way home after a long day. Or a mixture of nurses and IT Staff on their way to do a night shift.

I could smell food being cooked for dinner, and heard the clinking of plates and cutlery in the house next to mine. I could also hear quite mumbling from the people next door, presumably standing by an open window.

It was altogether incredibly calming. To stand on the ground, feeling the earth’s energy flowing through my body and listening to the world around me.

I feel so sleepy tonight. Something tells me that when the time comes for me to go to bed I won’t have any troubles nodding off.



Ps, My puppy is home again. So so happy.

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