Grounding: Day Thirteen


Grounding: Day Thirteen

Lucky number thirteen eh! I was going to start another 30 day challenge yesterday but I think I’ll have to wait until this one is over. At least; I’ll wait to write about it until I’ve finished this grounding experiment. The next challenge is a big one and super tiring. And I want give it my full attention!

So today I went to the gym, again, and oh boy do I hurt. Squats and lunges really sting on day two! And today I got all competitive and did them while holding weights. (Because 200lbs of me is not enough weight to be carrying right? 😂)

I stood outside barefoot and gave a sigh of relief, sensing a calming, soothing energy flowing straight to the parts of my legs that were tight and sore.

I am NOT making this up! Grounding is amazing post-work out!!!

I noticed today that everyone in the gym wear insulated shoes – usually running shoes or fitness trainers. I tried to do some yoga but with bulky trainers on I just felt awkward in the positions and couldn’t really feel spirit of it.

Any yogis out there agree with me? Yoga needs to be done with bare feet!

which made me think of all these fitness gurus trying to live an active healthy lifestyle…yet doing so with no connection to the earth. Not maximising the benefits of exercise and fitness!

Everyone should take a bit of time to ground. Every day. Especially if you work out, it totally helps with inflammation and sore muscles!

I’m curious, if you have been following my posts for the last couple of weeks…are you tempted yet to try grounding? Maybe you have already? Let me know!



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