Grounding: Day Fourteen


Grounding: Day Fourteen

I forgot to ground today!!! It was totally dark outside and pouring it down with rain when I remembered I had completely forgotten to do my daily grounding.

I still did it. And had to put my camera in night-mode to attain the photographic evidence.

Today I miss my dad. It was one of those days where you just want to pick up the phone or go and visit them. Just to talk, banter, joke about life and perhaps even vent a little bit.

Grieving for a loved one, and someone who was just that – loved. Is complicated and excruciatingly difficult.

Just when you think you have a handle on things, when your sense of humour creeps into conversation, when your old habits start coming back and you think that maybe there is life after loss? Then BHAM. Pain, crippling pain.

I have come to realise it’s every Wednesday. Because, of course, Wednesday is when I went to have lunch with my parents. Dad would make me a bowl of tomato soup and butter a slice of bread for me. He’d pop it on a tray with a salad and chocolate bar and made his famously delicious hot chocolate too.

I miss those hot chocolates.

I miss those lunches.

Man, why does it just have to be so difficult?

So; even though my feet were wet and it was dark outside I thought about my dad and that somehow, maybe; we were still connected.

I don’t know if it helped really, but I am absolutely exhausted and ready to go to sleep for the night, maybe I’ll sleep soundly and have nice dreams. For once.



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