Grounding: Day Fifteen


Grounding: Day Fifteen

HALF WAY!!! Woo hoo!!

It feels pretty good to stick to something for fifteen days without giving up! If I can keep this up, apparently I should find that grounding has become a habit and I’ll be doing it daily without much thought!

So my thoughts today:

Last night I had the worst nights sleep for a long time. I fell really unwell with a terribly swollen and sore throat that made me wake up hourly needing to drink and sit up.

I also ache all over. It’s like I caught the flu in December and never really got better from it. I’ll have a couple of days where I think I’m doing ok, but then I’ll feel like I’ve been hit by a bus again.

I hopped out of my kitchen door to the cold pavement outside to find that the air was bitter cold and the sky had turned a deep blue with a slight silver hue. The moon was out.

I haven’t actually seen the moon in the sky – in person – for a very long time. I stood in the cold and shivered at the icy breeze which made the hairs on my arms stand up. Yet the vibe outside was very peaceful, tranquil even.


Today I thought about the different experiences you get depending what time you ground. The Earth seems to have moods or at least there is a range of energy each time of the day. I notice much more energy and vibrations around lunch time when the sun is at its strongest, and tonight the energy was also quite strong but it felt like a soothing lullaby.

I know I am verging in absolute craziness and hey, maybe it’s all in my head. But I am trying to pay more attention to my feelings and intuition and somehow get them written down. If anyone wants to actually conduct a scientific study to see if what I’m saying makes any sense or meets any actual logic then be my guest.

I am just a guinea pig sharing her feelings about standing bare foot in the garden.

And tonight I want to say that I love the way the moon shines it’s silver light on me and makes me feel comforted and safe.

Isn’t there a song about moonlight? Maybe I’m not the only one who senses it has something pretty special about it….?



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