Grounding: Day Seventeen


Grounding: Day Seventeen

The trees in my garden have started growing leaves, it was really nice to see the plants starting to form buds, waking up for Spring.

I became aware of my posture today, my lower back had been hurting me and I found that when I stood more upright and relaxed my shoulders the strain on my lower back lessened.

The air encircled around me and the wind blew my hair which made me feel like Pocahontas singing Colors of the Wind. It was so soothing and relaxing grounding today.

This has well and truly become a habit for me now. I really enjoy the way I feel taking a couple of minutes to be outside and connected to the earth.

I’ve also gone one whole week without getting take away food – something that we would get a couple of times a week or more.

I made chicken fried rice and put it in a couple of plastic tubs I bought from Asda. It totally looked like I bought Chinese so I decided to trick the kids – they bought it.

And it did taste fabulous.



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