Grounding: Day Nineteen


Grounding: Day Nineteen

I lost my phone. What does this mean? No camera. No evidence.

And….my laptop charger had gone missing too. Therefore I had no ability to post yesterday!

BUT I promise I DID go outside and stand in the cold for two minutes in an attempt to “ground” myself. Here were my notes on the day:

I found little relief to my aches and pains. I am almost certain now that I suffer with Arthritis. The pain in my knees was so bad yesterday that I couldn’t bend them without wincing and I tried to avoid bending.

Grounding is not a cure-all or some magical solution to every problem, that’s for sure. And I did feel very emotional and my spirits were low.

I just felt…so empty and sad inside. I know this is a theme, and all part of grieving but I am getting really tired of feeling this way.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.



…and tomorrow HAS been a better day. But to read more you’ll have to find day twenty!

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