Whatever you do today, do it with PRIDE

Ok, so I don’t know about you guys, but in my culture the word “pride” has some negative connotations. I’ve been taught in my religion to be meek, humble - some would say pious - and that pride is an emotion to avoid. But is it? As a woman, there have been a number of … Continue reading Whatever you do today, do it with PRIDE

Laura’s Very Tasty Lasagne

There’s nothing more comforting than a big plate of homemade lasagne. This is a dish that I’ve been perfecting for over a decade and it’s Ross’ favourite. It tastes rich so smaller portions served with lots of veggies and garlic bread make it a perfect meal to serve a large family. I don’t make everything … Continue reading Laura’s Very Tasty Lasagne

Chicken Schnitzel, Sweetcorn Bulgar and Chilli Mayo.

I tried this recipe from Gousto yesterday with some skepticism. One; I had never tried Bulgar wheat before and two, I wasn’t sure I could make a schnitzel. However; the easy step by step directions on the recipe card made it a lot less daunting and I managed to come up with this: It wasn’t … Continue reading Chicken Schnitzel, Sweetcorn Bulgar and Chilli Mayo.

Grounding: Days Twenty Eight

Grounding Day Twenty Eight: My daily routine of popping outside and standing barefoot on the ground has become so normal, I haven’t really had anything to write about. Though I will say that I’ve noticed a change in my mood. I have a hope alive in me that just wasn’t there before. A twinkle in … Continue reading Grounding: Days Twenty Eight

Grounding: Day Twenty Seven

Grounding: Day Twenty Seven In proper routine now. I grounded several times today just walking around my back garden to take bins out, sort the puppy and just because I felt like it. I have decided that for me, grounding clears my head and helps my focus. I’ve found myself spending less time on my … Continue reading Grounding: Day Twenty Seven

Grounding: Day Twenty Six

Grounding: Day Twenty Six I spoke about my grounding experience here. Today I have felt almost like the normal Laura. I joked with the kids, made a delicious stir fry for lunch, managed an epic fail at a chocolate hedgehog cake AND maintained in a good mood throughout the evening. I haven’t felt this good … Continue reading Grounding: Day Twenty Six

Laura’s Not-So-Beautiful Hedgehog Cake

I was deliberating whether to share this or not, but sometimes something is so bad it’s too good not to share. So here we go... I was in a spontaneous mood this afternoon, Fridays are full of possibilities with an upcoming weekend and some lovely sunshine amid the showers! So, naturally, I decided to pop … Continue reading Laura’s Not-So-Beautiful Hedgehog Cake