Grounding: Day Twenty Two


After – unsuccessfully – attempting to ground in the snow a couple of days ago, (see exhibit A) I came to the sensible decision to postpone my daily grounding until it melted. There is being crazy determined and just plain silly. So that’s why this is super late!


Aaaand we are back on track! You can not know the relief that flooded through my whole body as I stepped down barefoot onto the path outside my house. Honestly; it was like taking a big drink of cold water on a hot summers day. Or a gulp of fresh air after being underwater for too long.

Grounding today felt freeing and comforting and like coming home again. Feeling the air swirling around me, listening to the leaves ruffling in the wind, the birds squawking in the distance. It was peaceful, and oh boy have I needed that recently.

I can honestly say I’ve missed my little routine of standing in the back garden for two minutes I think anyone would benefit from it even if you wore shoes! It just feels so good to be outside.



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