Grounding: Day Twenty Four


Grounding: Day Twenty Four

Today I acted as Nurse Burton because all three of my children were unwell with fevers and upset stomachs. Once all the boys were settled, I took the opportunity to clear out my kitchen.

I want the energy to flow easily in my home. I absolutely hate clutter, and yet having young kids and a puppy I often find clutter in every direction. So, I listened to the “Greatest Showman” soundtrack and pulled everything out of my kitchen cupboards, threw out a LOT of food (particularly grains and spices) dated 2015/2016 🙈🙈Then I rearranged all the cupboards for some more order.

Four hours later, my lower back was screaming at me and I was in bad shape. It had got dark outside and I had not grounded yet. Oops. So I jumped out onto the cold pavement and stared up at the stars twinkling in the sky. It was so charming to see the street lamps shining over my neighbour’s houses, it made me think of Peter Pan when he takes Wendy and her brothers out of the window for a magical flight in the night!


I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, as my lungs expanded taking in the fresh air I felt my body ease and the pain immediately started to ebb away from my lower back. This startled me. I haven’t experienced such a dramatic effect by standing outside barefoot. Literally all the aches and pains in my lower back just melted away into the ground and I was absolutely blown away.

Is it possible, that grounding helped my inflammation today?



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