Grounding: Day Twenty Seven


Grounding: Day Twenty Seven

In proper routine now. I grounded several times today just walking around my back garden to take bins out, sort the puppy and just because I felt like it.

I have decided that for me, grounding clears my head and helps my focus. I’ve found myself spending less time on my phone and more time playing games with the kids or talking to my family. It feels like I am functioning more like an actual human being rather than a human slave glued to an electrical device with no drive to do anything…

If you’re feeling a bit zombie-like, take your shoes off and step outside tomorrow. Just try it. See how it makes you feel. And hey, why not try doing it every day for 30 days? Who knows what results you might discover!



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ps, yes I have pink hair now, you can read about my pink-life crisis here

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