My Pink- Life Crisis

I have been seeing the same hairdresser now for over three years and until recently, I always asked for the same thing – blonde highlights and curls.

Then my dad died, and In a bid to cheer me up, my hair dresser cut my hair shorter; added in a subtle rose gold tint and bleached my hair in a few places. I LOVED IT.


As time went on, the pink faded and I was left feeling a little bored with my hair. Grief was in full force as it had only been a few months since my father passed away, so the next time I went to the hair dresser I asked for a little more pink. Which I loved.

And then there was today. I feel like my grounding experiences, my desire to cook more and eat less exercise and organise my home…I just feel like it has all started to transform me. Like a Phoenix, I feel…reborn!

I let my hairdresser go wild. I said “I want bleach. Lots of it and much much more pink” and oh boy did she deliver.

I came home to my husband who couldn’t stop grinning. I feel fun and slightly-hyperactive and girly and….just amazing. So here it is. I’m going to fondly call this my “Pink Life Crisis”.



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