Grounding: Days Twenty Eight


Grounding Day Twenty Eight:

My daily routine of popping outside and standing barefoot on the ground has become so normal, I haven’t really had anything to write about.

Though I will say that I’ve noticed a change in my mood. I have a hope alive in me that just wasn’t there before. A twinkle in my eyes, and a motivation and drive to get things done.

Ive been cooking a lot more home meals for the family and it has been a month since our last take away! This is a massive achievement for me.

So we are starting to delve into territory that makes it harder to identify If positive results are due to grounding or better eating.

Bottom line – grounding is beneficial. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally etc I’m compiling my findings together and will write a more thorough report on my whole experience for day thirty but I am very positive that this is something everyone should give a try.

I mean, it’s free, so why not?

Click Here for Day Twenty Nine



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