Grounding: Day Thirty


Grounding: Day Thirty

I did it. For thirty days, I’ve stood barefoot in my back garden for two minutes. And here are my findings:


– My anxiety is massively reduced
– I am more patient with the children
– My head is clearer, I’m able to focus on tasks instead of getting distracted
– I spend less time on my phone or laptop
– I walk more, every day I walk at least two miles in the wind, rain or shine.
– I just generally feel better

Short-lived results:

These are results that I get immediately after grounding but they do not last long.

– Relief from arthritis pain
– Calming down feelings of panic
– I feel more positive and uplifted
– My posture is better

Grounding feels like plugging yourself into an energy source and recharging your batteries. I do experience the tingling, vibrations that go through my feet from being connected with the earth.

It is a very interesting experiment. I went into this challenge with no idea at what the outcome would be. It’s very exciting to see that something so simple and FREE could make such a difference on my physical, mental and spiritual health.

Would I recommend you try it? That’s a big fat YES.

And even though my thirty day challenge is over I absolutely plan to continue this routine.

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