Good Grief: More Poetry


An invisible hand is pressed up against my throat
Each time I swallow, it clutches me a little tighter
I can not breathe, I can not speak or hardly sing a note
So I’ll sit in a tormented silence until the hold gets lighter

When I am free my heart is singing bright and strong
Yet my head is dizzy sending mixed signals abound
So after a while, my tune becomes a sad song,
Slow and deep until it becomes so quiet there is hardly any sound.

It’s ebbs and flows like the waves of the sea
Tossing back and forth between being captured and set free

I am drowning in a cold, thick, black ink
Then I’m walking on top of it never thinking I’d sink

Everywhere I turn, darkness is shadowing me
Sometimes eclipsing all that I can see

But when I fall to my knees the blackness is gone
And I am surrounded by a love that makes me feel won

Grief makes you feel more, in a way you never could
So take the good with the bad, as difficult as it can be
Despite the despair and pain, you never would
Give up the all-enduring, death-defying love for all eternity.

– Laura Burton 2018

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