Just Another Day


Do you ever have those days where you wake up and listen to a song that totally inspires you to get up and start the day off running? (Not literally)

I listened to Lady Gaga’s “Just Another Day” on repeat and so far I have:

Done a work out using weights
Pretended I was in the Truman Show
Practised summersaults (or rather, face planting into my bed multiple times)
Got washed and dressed for the day and put on a bold lipstick.

I have run out of motivation to do anything with my hair so it’s a messy hair day for me – but this is a thing with Aspie’s (or so I’ve read) hair styling or care is reallly low on the priority list. I like hair stylists doing my hair or making it look nice for a special occasion but the rest of the time I don’t understand the point?

I’m trying to de-clutter my life. No drama llamas, no negative nellies, no mind-monkeys…out with the old, in with the new and all that jazz!

I am becoming slightly obsessed with watching YouTube videos on organisation and regaining control of your house!

And the gluten free diet is going ok, I miss eating “normal” desserts and a good Yorkshire pudding. But other than that, I’ve found I’m starting to feel better. That’s good, right?

The goal is to cut down and eventually totally eliminate sugar from my diet too, but that will have to wait, (she says while munching on a chocolate bar) because, my dear readers, today is “Just Another Day.”


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