The Girl with 10 colours in her hair.

When I was a teenager, I loved dancing around in my bedroom to McFly’s “The girl with 10 colours in her hair.” It’s such a fun, Happy song! I swear it’s impossible to be in a grumpy mood when that song is playing! “Everybody wants to know her nay-ay—ay-yee-ay-me”

As I sat in the hair salon today and Mela asked me what I would like doing I had no idea. I was feeling pretty beaten down by life. All the creativity and fun had been sucked out of me like some Dementor silently slithered out of my Harry Potter book and decided to follow me around.

“I’m completely at your mercy Mela. Whatever you want to do.” I said.

I’m a very loyal person when it comes to hair salons. I’ve been visiting Mela at Flaunt Hairdressing since my youngest son was a baby. (He’s 6 on Monday.)

Mela has seen me through some things. She helped me to find an identity after having the kids. She jazzed it up with big bouncy curls and lifted my mousy blonde hair for something lighter to stand out more as I was growing my make up business. She praised me and cheered me on during my periods of success. Then she picked me up and dusted me off when I came to her broken after losing my father.

Now my business is dead and gone. And my life has just turned upside down and been shaken around to the point I don’t know who I am anymore.

In a funny way, I’m right back where I was when I first met Mela. Lost, broken and like a woman with amnesia.

So this time she lightens my hair even more – to the lightest it will go without using bleach. And she put some Crazy colours in. (Pink, Coral and Lavender)

She always finishes off with bouncy loose curls and when I saw the finished product I could have given her the biggest hug. Or cried.

It is absolutely remarkable what a hair dresser can do for your soul. If Swindon, UK is within reach for you, go and see Mela. She owns Flaunt Hairdressing and she has been transforming clients for over 30 years.

Thanks Mela. You did it again.





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