I NEVER thought I would be THAT Mum!

I never thought I would ever be THAT Mum!

You know the Mum I’m talking about…the one who cries when she sends off her kids to school.

The Mum who spends all day (and night) with her little darlings and never complains.

The Mum who gets excited about park trips and going to watch the latest animated movie at the cinema with the toe-rags coming along.

The Mum who looks on Pinterest for craft, messy play ideas to try out the next day.

The Mum who spends most of her time cleaning up inside-out pants, stray socks, pieces of shredded paper, endless shoes on the walkabout and soggy towels from the bathroom floor. And sees it as just part of the day!

The Mum who doesn’t sit and look at other mums and what they’re doing, because she’s too busy battling it out on Fortnite with her brood.

The Mum who goes to the shops with children hanging off the trolley and actually grateful for it because she feels lost when she goes alone.

The Mum who snuggles with her kids reading about Biff, Chip and Kipper and squeals with excitement when the words are sounded out correctly.

The Mum who doesn’t get caught up in drama, or Dieting, or he said/she said because none of that is important to her.

The Mum who appears to have absolutely no “me-time” and actually seems happy anyway.

The Mum who homeschools.
By choice.
And loves it.

I never thought I would be that Mum. Ever.

I’m so happy to have this picture capture a moment with me and my youngest son. My son who struggled so much at school, who was repeatedly put down and told he was a “slow poke” and he was two years behind.


Well they do say a picture says a thousand words. So here it is.

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