Hormones, Insomnia and Grief – What a cocktail!

As a woman, I get to enjoy a fluctuation of hormones throughout the month. One minute I have loads of energy and motivation, next minute I’m crawling into bed hiding under the covers from the mountain of responsibilities on my plate. I’m singing sweet songs and baking gluten-free cakes or I’m murmuring under my breath walking around like the Hunch Back of Notre Dame and feeding the kids chicken nuggets.

And all that is in-between.

But what happens, when life throws in two new unwanted guests to the party?

I’ve already talked at length about Grief and how it’s been affecting me this past year. Ok well, most of those posts were then deleted but that was only because the feedback I got from my readers was “Darn girl, cheer the heck up! Your posts are so depressing!” and they were!

However, here’s a new one for you (and me!) Insomnia!

I thought I suffered with Insomnia earlier this year. I was ridiculously tired during the day and sleeping whenever I could, then found myself totally awake in the night. However, turns out this was actually being nocturnal, not an Insomniac. (Is that a word?)

NOW I suffer with Insomnia. During the day I am literally nodding off and waking with a start. I could sleep at any moment. In fact, it would be a bit of a party trick – If I was ever actually invited to a party that is – someone could just say “Laura fall asleep right now!” and I’ll be out, stone cold on the floor. Snoring away. Yet, I don’t sleep because remember those aforementioned mountain of responsibilities? Yeah, you can’t hide from them.

Then the evening rolls along and I am also ridiculously tired. I climb into my bed, snuggle down into the sheets and hug my pillow waiting for sleep to come and take me away into the world of dreams. And I wait. And wait. Still waiting…why am I not asleep yet? My brain begins to run away….maybe I’ll think myself into a dream. I start writing blog posts in my head. I play a game of Tetris in my head…(Clearly I play that one too often but hey if you want to battle it out with me go to this site and add me as a friend, I’m Daisfunk.) Can I sleep? No! No, it appears I can’t! At least, not until the morning hours arrive and then I can settle down into REM sleep and play out a few action dreams (In my head I’m Wonder Woman, don’t you know) Then before I know it I’m having to drag myself up out of bed in the morning. Far. Too. Tired.

And the cycle begins again.

I have three go-to products that I use when I’m finding the whole – going -to – sleep process challenging while feeling totally emotional and dare we say – unhinged? As always, I saved the best til last.

Sleep Mask

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 09.45.19

Credit: Amazon.co.uk

Block out any light and feel snug as a bug with a sleep mask. It also stops me from opening my eyes and looking around or falling into temptation and looking at my phone. It helps me to focus on my breathing instead and slowing it down ready for sleep. This is cheap too and I got mine from Amazon next day delivery.

Ear Plugs

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 09.53.38

Credit: Amazon.co.uk

These look weird, I know. They also feel weird – at first – then they start to feel pretty great. When the puppy decides to bark at every single noise within the sleeping household these are my best friends. They completely block out everything you can hear apart from your own heartbeat. Which is oddly, rather soothing. Block out the world and again, these are pretty cheap too. And hey, you could even kid yourself you’re on a first class flight to Miami.

Clary Calm Oil

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 09.57.58Credit: DoTerra.com

I saved the best til last. You know I’m a fan of the old DoTerra oils, but this baby is my new favourite. Clary Calm, it’s a soothing blend of oils in a handy rollerball bottle which provides instant relief from – HORMONES. (And supposedly cramps too, but I’ll have to try that out and come back with my experience on that one!)

My friend Lucy who is a DoTerra rep, told me this was her “new woman in a bottle.” Which I thought was a bit crazy, but hey that my friend Lucy so I just shrugged my shoulders and let it go. WHY, WHY did I let it go? I should have jumped at the opportunity years ago to get this baby. It is blooming GOLD I tell you. NOT only is it good for emotional, hormonal, down-right-I’m-losing-my-mind moments….but it’s absolutely AMAZING for anxiety and grief!

I felt so unbelievably sad last night. And my heart was racing, I felt nauseous and panicky. It was absolutely horrible. So I grabbed for my Clary Calm and rolled it behind my ears because I loved the smell. OH my life this is amazing stuff! Within literally minutes, I felt relief. My body just calmed right down.


Seriously, if you suffer with any of the above, you NEED THIS. It is worth every single penny.

I know DoTerra is a bit of an investment, but if you’re serious about feeling better and getting a handle on your hormones, you’ll go for it. And then you’ll be back to thank me, because I feel like I’m letting you in on a HOT secret!

So there you go. My three go-to products to deal with hormones, grief and insomnia.  Wrap up warm, block out the world and roll on some essential oils and you’ll be sleeping soundly in no time. (And even if you’re not, you’ll feel so soothed and relaxed it’ll feel like you’ve been sleeping.)

What are your go-to remedies?



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