The Magic and Wonder of Walking in the dark!

I took my dog out for a walk tonight – after dark. As a woman, I usually feel intimidated going out alone in the dark, but never fear my readers, now I have Daisy to back me up!

Yeah, you can laugh. I’m not serious. Walking a Poochon does not necessarily instil much confidence. Sure, she barks at oncoming strangers and dogs, but guess what? As soon as we get up close, she either wants to sniff them like crazy or run and hide behind my legs.

This dog has no loyalty. She has commonly attempted to escape the lead and run off with a more desirable-looking owner and when a big dog comes along, does she care about her poor owner? No! She’ll gladly sacrifice me to save her own skin.


But I do adore her. Even when she wakes me up at 4am to have a crazy hour. Read about that here.

Anyway, there is something so special about walking around in nature, feeling the wind blowing my hair, like I’m part of some real-life L’Oréal advert.

Because I’m worth it.

The leaves are falling now Autumn is truly here, and the wind keeps blowing in strong gusts surrounding me in swirling leaves. I had to stop and just marvel at the feeling. I wanted to burst out into song “Have you ever heard the wolf cry in the – um, something, something, something – then there’s some other words I can’t remember and here we go we’re at the chorus – CAN YOU PAINT WITH ALL THE COLOURS OF THE WIND!”

Honestly, I was standing by a tall oak tree when the wind came out of nowhere and hundreds and hundreds of leaves cascaded down from the trees and swirled magically around me and Daisy. The experience formed a lump in my throat and brought tears to my eyes.

Don’t ask me why, it was just an incredible experience.

The other magic of walking in the evening, is how the street lights shine! Their golden lamps create a sense of calm. I wonder if they are gold because yellow light is known to encourage Melatonin production in the brain and make you sleepy?

Or maybe I’m looking too deep into it.

Oh and check out this picture where I caught a really cool looking orb!

Finally, I love that you can take a selfie by a street lamp and it looks like you have some sort of heavenly halo. You know, pretend you’re an angel – because why not?

So yeah! Going out for a walk when it’s dark is pretty awesome. Just, you know, keep your phone with you and stay safe!



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