Why I love Daisies so much! Story Time!

Did you know that each flower has a meaning? I wonder who was the first person to assign meanings to flowers? (And.....Google here we go!) According to Smithsonian Gardens:  Flowers had powerful meanings in the Victorian Era and were often given as a way to express emotions. However, meanings and traditions change throughout time and … Continue reading Why I love Daisies so much! Story Time!

Homeschooling – A Day in a Life

  Before I took the plunge to homeschool my kids, I could not visualise HOW I could do it. I would look at all these homeschooling mums with so much respect and awe, wondering how they stay sane and keep up with the mammoth responsibility to educate their children. Then I was forced to make … Continue reading Homeschooling – A Day in a Life

How to be a Social Butterfly… when you feel like a Hungry Caterpillar.

Do you ever just sit in the workplace, school or even in Costa and look around to find all these people talking animatedly with each other - laughing, flicking their glossy hair while exchanging quips and witty remarks - and wonder to yourself, HOW do they do that?  Do you sit there, surrounded by people … Continue reading How to be a Social Butterfly… when you feel like a Hungry Caterpillar.

Can you Interpret this Dream?

Last night, I had a crazy interesting dream. If you're familiar with the Bible stories, you'll remember learning about Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat. (Queue singing: Jacooooob! Jacob and Sons! Da, Da da da, da, da - I forget- the- words) If you're a Donny Osmond fan, you can enjoy this video segment from … Continue reading Can you Interpret this Dream?

Conversation With a Puppy (4AM)

Conversation with a puppy: (True Story) Daisy: Human! Human! Get me out of here! Me: Daisy, you’re in the crate for your own safety. It’s also 4am, go back to sleep. Daisy: I can’t sleep. The Sky is awake, so i am awake! Me: No. I’m going back to bed. Daisy: Don’t leave me human! … Continue reading Conversation With a Puppy (4AM)

New Eyeliner Trend Alert!

  So here’s a funny story. I was at the checkout most likely looking something like this: Which is my “No make up, crazy hair, don’t care” look which I’ve been sporting lately. And the girl at the checkout had the most amazing eyes! They were a striking blue with a dark eyeliner, false lashes … Continue reading New Eyeliner Trend Alert!