NaNoWriMo Day 1 and 2

Ok. So I have already learned a valuable lesson during this year’s National November Writing Month: Choose your writing software…and stick to it.

My eight year old is rather obsessed keen on Roblox. He has commandeered my laptop to play Pet Simulator, and in a bid to keep him happy during half term break, and get my writing done during the day, I’ve been using his desktop computer (that is actually mine I suppose, but I rarely use it.)

As this desktop computer is ancient, it’s Microsoft Word license has expired. So I decided to download Open Office (hey, it’s free) Then I happily proceeded to tap away at the keyboard.

As I typed letters into the computer screen, I breathed life into Ada, my main character. I didn’t know what she was going to do, nor where she’d be. Within minutes, Ada had already jumped out of the screen and started writing her own story. I was just a bystander really, allowing the words to flow through my fingers and allow her choices come to fruition.

It was supposed to be a happy chick lit. Yet already, the tale has turned sour. I suppose because I’m still in the throws of grief, my subconscious wants some morbidity to be added to my stories. Who knows?

It was all going so well, until….well until I took my laptop out tonight, ready to continue writing my story…when I found that alas, the rich text format I had saved the document in does not work too well with my fancy writing software (Storyist) on the MacBook.

The result? I’ve spent my writing time trying to convert my file to something that would copy/paste correctly -and failed. Miserably.

The text came out in font size 40 and in a heavy black font. No matter what I did to the font though, it wouldn’t change.

So lesson learned. Choose your writing software Laura, then stick with it.

Word count: 895/50,000

We have a long way to go!

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