This simple trick will make your Nervous dog calm within 30 seconds!! (Dogs and Fireworks!)

It’s the season for fireworks. In England, every year near the beginning of November, citizens go about setting off colourful explosives, building bonfires and some even go as far as to throw a “Guy” on the bonfire.

Guy Fawkes conspired to blow up the Houses of Parliament many years ago, he was caught and killed. (In a most hideous way, I’ll let you google it if you wish. I’m not writing about it.)

It always amazes me how we “Remember, Remember the Fifth of November” all these years later. And with fireworks!

Now firework night in our family is all about sitting out in the garden, freezing cold while breaking our teeth on toffee apples and “ooh”ing at the fireworks my husband let’s off at the bottom of the garden.

We try to purchase the fireworks that don’t make a bang, because it scares me and the kids. But even the smaller fireworks will whistle and crackle in an eerie manner. My favourite firework is called a Catherine Wheel. You nail it to a board, or garden fence and as the firework goes off it creates a beautiful spray of colours in the shape of a wheel. (Hence the name!)

However, firework night is always nerve-wracking. This year, it just got even worse because it’s the first year we have had to deal with a puppy.

Daisy turned one a couple of weeks ago, this time last year she was a teeny tiny newborn puppy, totally oblivious to the explosions and whistles going on outside.

This year, she’s running around like Chicken Licken determined to warn us that the sky is falling down. Barking, whining, hiding between sofa cushions and all that jazz.

I found a picture of this:

I looked at this photo and looked to my right to see Daisy looking like this:

So I took a scarf and tried the wrap idea. I figured I sort of had nothing to lose. You never know what the result would be because hey, this advice was coming from the internet. Can we trust everything we read online? (Unless it’s on my website of course, rest assured, I’ll never try to pull wool over your eyes and lead you down the wrong path!)

So I wrapped the scarf around Daisy and guess what? She calmed right now. Immediately.

And she looks pretty cute, too.

Daisy spent the evening wearing the wrap and didn’t bark once. She snuggled with me, stretched out and even had a little nap while some pretty loud fireworks were going on outside.

So if you’re doggy is having a hard time with all the noise, give the wrap idea a try. Maybe it’ll work for your pooch too!

(Couldn’t resist adding this photo. Just for laughs.)



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