NaNoWriMo Day 4: Someone has been watching too much Grey’s Anatomy

It’s the time of year that I get sick more often. Keeping with tradition, I was in bed most of the day with a fever and feeling like death. Achey, weak, dizzy and full of a sinus cold. What is the best medicine when you feel sick? Well, I did go over a list of products that are my go-to for flu-season survival, but what really helps me pass the time is laying in bed watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Following my father’s death, I became completely obsessed with watching Meredith Grey go from Intern to Harper-Avery award winner as she works tirelessly at the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital in Seattle. Grey’s Anatomy is a TV Show that includes all manner of surgeries. I have binge-watched 13 seasons of this show over a course of 4 months and as such, feel like I know a thing or two about the medical lingo that comes with surgeons. At least, American lingo.

So, it’s amusing to me that Ada’s story lead me to a scene where I could put all that useless knowledge to work. I was introduced to three doctors tonight, A heart surgeon, general surgeon and senior consultant. Ada dealt with the news in a way that surprised me. She remains very much in the driver’s seat of this story.

The night is getting on and my poorly eyes are begging for rest. So I couldn’t write very much tonight, however, I was able to get through most of the difficult part. I am hopeful that as we move along, there will be a time-jump and I can get on with my sweet story. It just felt right to have this backstory. And for the book to have this beginning.

Anyway, I am hopeful that tomorrow I will be able to get some daytime writing in rather than burn the midnight oil again. But hey, such is the life of being a writer. We do not get to control when the inspiration comes.

Word Count: 2587/50,000






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