NaNoWriMo Day 5: Something Sweet

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Oh man. Oh man, Oh man am I craving a strawberry bon bon right now. Tonight I’ve managed to close the chapter on a sad twisted event in the novel and moved onto new sweeter pastures.

Ada, my heroine of the story, owns a sweet shop, “Something Sweet,” and she had me reminiscing about all of the sweets I loved as a child. I thoroughly enjoyed recalling the way a strawberry bon bon feels in your mouth, what it smells like, how it breaks between your teeth and give an instant sugar rush.

Starting this chapter felt like taking a breath of fresh air. It’s a little time jump forward, not long enough to make everything feel ok, but long enough to ease the pain. Ada’s hair is now orange – who would have guessed that!

And apparently a dairy-free milkshake parlour is a thing? Well, it is in my story anyway!

I was introduced to a new character today. I love that I have no idea who these people are until they are unveiled to me as I type. It’s so weird, but it’s true. I feel like a reader just typing on autopilot and discovering this story as it goes along.

It’s becoming rather addictive. Just like those sweet strawberry bon bon, eating one is never enough. As soon as the last of it’s sherbet goodness is swallowed, a fresh bon bon must take its place.

One more paragraph. One more page.

Argh but Laura you need sleep. So tired.

Just one more paragraph!


Ugh. Fine. But now we are on a happier vibe, I’m excited to crack on with it bright and early in the morning tomorrow. (correction, later this morning)



Word Count: 3419 / 50,000

I’m so behind. But trying not to overthink it. I can do this.

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