NaNoWriMo Day 7: Ada is so much cooler than me.

I feel a bit depressed that my main character is fun, quirky, daring and oozing with confidence. Well…on the outside. On the inside she’s forgetful, dismissive and speaks to her dog whom she called “Potato.” (Who calls their dog POTATO!??)

Ada is making decisions now. She’s making them faster than I can type!! My eyes are drooping and my breathing has slowed – you know that type of slow, heavy breathing you do just moments before you fall asleep? Yeah, this is happening right now.

Even as I type right now.

I am literally falling asleep. In fact, this entire sentence is being typed with my eyes actually closed. I’m so tired that my bones hurt.

Today I spent a lot of my spare time proofing and re-writing some segments of my book, Love Me, Crazy! Which is very soon to be published. I want it to flow properly and be the book it was destined to be!

So alas, I have only given my NaNo novel an hour of my time and it’s past midnight so I guess technically this should be day 8.

Ada’s hair is orange and she decided to put on purple lipstick. I think she wants to walk around and be like a human advert for her sweet shop? Who know? I’m just the messenger.

Ok, now I’m off to sleep.



Word Count: 6481/ 50,000

I have some serious catching up to do.

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