NaNoWriMo Day 8: I’m a writing machine!

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I have written like crazy today, so this post will be brief. In between editing my book, “Love Me, Crazy,” and writing my NaNo novel, I am wiped out! That’s all stuffed in my “spare” time too. I am so tired I think my arms have gone numb and my head feels too heavy to keep upright.

Ada is on a roll. The words are flowing faster than I can keep up with, there’s a whole story to be told and it feels just as real and alive as the one I’m living. It is quite exciting when that happens. The story consumes my waking (and sleeping) brain until I get the words down. These characters are like my friends, hanging out in my head and constantly talking. – Uh oh, did I just say I hear voices in my head? lol.

The story is still a sort of romantic comedy…maybe a drama too? All the pieces of the jigsaw are there floating around in my head, and slowly the pieces are being put together.

10,000 words in now, which means i’m one fifth of the way there! Yippee! It also equates to 38 pages on a book. (According to my Storyist software,) which is rather exciting!

By NaNoWriMo’s standards I’m still behind on my daily target, but I don’t care. I suspect i’ll reach the 50,000 before the end of the month, but not the end of the book. I’m not certain but I would hazard a guess that this book may be the longest I’ve done. Probably closer to 70,000 by the time the story has been told. I’m not going to rush it. There’s a lot to write!

I must say, it’s been 8 days of me writing daily and I have never felt so good. Writing is in my blood. (Literally, I found out recently I’m related to Ernest Hemmingway!) and when I’m writing, I feel like my world is balanced again.

It kind of makes me laugh that my life used to be all about make up and selling cosmetics online. I suppose I’ll always look back at that period of my life and see it as a blip. Like what the heck was that all about?

But I’m home again now. And it feels so nice.



Word Count: 10,041 / 50,000

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