How To Look Cute In A Hat (Winter Edition)


So, I posted a picture on Instagram earlier this week. I recently bought myself a new winter hat and when I plonked it on my head, I expected to look like Elle Woods (Legally Blonde.) Or, a more-recent reference I suppose would be YouTube sensation, Zoella.

This was the post:


When I looked in the mirror, I gasped to begin with and then burst out laughing. Of course, I then proceeded to take a selfie and show my husband. That’s the kind of person I am you see, some people are so self-conscious that they would tear the hat off their head immediately and burn it. Not me? I am able to laugh at myself, and even let other people laugh at me too.

So, after posting over social media about my hat woes, I had some friends reach out and offer some friendly advice. Then I decided to do some trial and error and find out if it is possible to look cute in a winter hat if you’re just an average person – you know, not a size 0 model with hair extensions and veneers.

Soo…..this is Laura’s guide on: How to look cute in a hat! Enjoy!

How Not To Wear A Hat

Don’t wear it too low.


It may hide the crows feet on your eyes but it also hides the world from your view, which is a pretty big health and safety risk and it doesn’t exactly look adorable.

Don’t cover your hairline.


This is the classic garden gnome look.

Don’t cover your eyebrows.


Why? Because if you turn yourself upside down, you look like an egg in an egg cup. I’m guessing that’s not the look you’re going for.

Don’t show too much hair.


Unless you want to rock it out to some heavy metal, this look doesn’t really work. Although, to be fair, I thought it looked super fun when I took this picture.

What To Do:

Sit the hat on the back of your head.


This gives you the warmth you need, without flattening your hair too much and allowing people to see your face. A bold lipstick with a winter hat is a must by the way.

Frame your face with your hair.


Waves look adorable with a hat. It adds volume to your hair and softens your appearance.

Pose sideways.

Hats look super cute when you take a photo from the side. This trick may be a little difficult if you want to look cute at a party…maybe try and walk sideways the whole time.

Or, you know, just embrace the loopy look and stay warm. That’s most important thing right??

Well, so now you know how to look cute in a hat! πŸ™‚




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