Laura Goes To Safy B’s Salon!

Do you remember when I had a pink life crisis? Well, I wanted to go big and have something more special – and longer lasting.

And after eyeing Safy B’s instagram for months, I decided to call and book an appointment. (Or, erm, send a Facebook message to Saffron, the salon owner as she’s my sister in law!)

I have been so excited about this salon visit, that I’ve actually been messaging Saffron daily with a countdown. Thankfully, she thought it was funny and not super annoying.

Finally the day came and my husband drove me and our family to Aylesbury, to Saffron’s salon. The journey was long and I was beginning to feel panic creep up my arms and a massive weight press on my chest. Good old anxiety came along for the ride, it seemed. Ross noticed I was being quiet and took my hand in his as he drove.

“Are you nervous about how your hair will look?” He asked gently. He’s sweet like that.

“No, I’m freaking out about everything else,” I replied, breathless.

“Like what?” He asked. I took a deep breath.

“Like what if there isn’t anywhere to park? Or I get sick? Or Saffron can’t do my hair? Or what if we have an accident? Or what if it rains…” I trailed off. So many irrational “what ifs” were rolling around in my brain. It’s a wonder how I even leave the house most days!

Ross squeezed my hand to reassure me and smiled knowingly. He is used to my panicky moments and knew that too-often they come and go. While I’m in the moment of panic I can not be reasoned with. He just needs to hold my hand or hug me and tell me I’ll be ok. That always seems to help anyway.

As a major anxiety-sufferer, I have decided to write down every tiny bit of detail that I can, (with pictures) so that you can know exactly what to expect when going to this salon. I would hate anyone passing on this opportunity just because they don’t know what they will be getting them-self into!

The Arrival:

The front of the salon (oops forgot to take a picture) Is tucked away near some shops (well done laura, so much detail so far.) When you get to the white double front doors, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve come to the wrong place.


Because there’s another set of doors to walk through and it is a little tricky to see through the glass with all the light reflecting on it, so that did make me a little nervous .

But then I was greeted with this lovely woman.

Her name is Donna btw. She greeted me with this beautiful, sweet smile and made me feel much more calm! What a great first impression!

Saffron was washing a lady’s hair across the room and shouted over to me to take a seat. There was a black leather couch by the front desk along with a black coat stand. So I took my jacket off and hung it up, then sat down next to a gentleman.

As I waited for Saffron to do my hair, I took the opportunity to take some sneaky photos.

Very fancy!! I love the design of this salon, which was thought up by Saffron and brought to fruition by her husband Andy – who also owns the salon. Check out this display here using pipes!

I love the rustic look with the climbing vines. It kind of reminded me of the original Jumanji movie when the house slowly turned into a jungle. I’m sure that’s the look Saffron was going for, right?

The waiting area is so warm and inviting, with plenty of photo frames to look at with silly photos and funny quotes. It’s the little things like this that really help to make the whole experience feel special, you know?

I bantered back and forth with Donna, who is simply lovely by the way – she had a professional manner but was able to have a laugh and put up with my bazillion questions.

A nice male with bright blue hair timidly asked me to walk over to a salon chair. He put a gown on me and offered me a hot drink. I asked for water instead. He smiled politely and walked off.

Saffron came over and asked, “Are you sure you want this?” She showed me the photo that I had messaged her weeks ago. Then she showed me what colours she would use to recreate the look. I grinned. “Yes, absolutely,” I said. No turning back now right?

I found this picture online when I googled “bold, pink hair styles” and completely fell in love. There was no one on EARTH I trusted more than Saffron to even attempt this look.

Saffron gave me a smile that looked like a mixture between excitement and devilish anticipation. She disappeared behind a door to the “colour room” (I’m going to call it,) and came back with a trolley that looked like this.

At this point, I guess I was a little nervous. Those colours looked very dark! And my nerves only increased when she started to dab on the mixture onto my roots.

Oh boy. That looks dark.

Saffron and I chatted about this, that and the other. You know, typical chit chat you make when having your hair done. There was music playing in the background and every now and then Saffron would shout at “Alexa” whoever that is. 🤔

Saffron started to get into her creative mindset. Her whole demeanour changed, instead of bubbly and laid-back, she was hunched over me and her eyes looked serious. It was like she got herself into some sort of creative cube (oooh where is Philip Scofield to commentate when you need him aye!) She dragged Donna over to hold her photo and take video and pictures of the process and she started to weave colours into each other.

It was starting to get more scary, the more the blonde began to disappear. The colours were so dark! So rich!

The male with blue hair (dang, really should have got his name) put down a cute little tray with a glass of water and a chocolate bar.

How nice is that? Another little touch that just makes your experience more memorable! And hey, feed this girl chocolate and you’ve got a customer for life!

Saffron bleached the bottom half of my hair after I waited 20 or so minutes for the colour to develop. Once the bleach had done its job, Saffron lead me over to the um….chair-and-sink-thingies. (Can you tell I am really not clued up with the hair dresser lingo?)

I sat down and oh my LIFE!!! The leather seat was soft and squidgy and so comfortable! It was like I was being given a hug! And when I sat back and rested my head in the basin, I felt like my neck was being cradled.

As Saffron washed my hair, I was falling asleep. If it wasn’t for the fact she was speaking to me, I probably would have!

After my hair was rinsed, I got back in the chair and Saffron picked up a hairdryer to dry. I grimaced and balled my hands into fists in preparation.

You see, I’ve been seeing the same hair dresser for 4 years. I am VERY loyal. My usual hair dresser has really long, pointy false nails. She would drag her fingers through my hair and it would be absolute AGONY.

So I waited….and waited…and….and??? I opened my eyes and watched with awe, Saffron was gently picking up sections of my hair and rolling a thick brush through it while blow drying it.


I looked in the mirror and took in the result. Saffron stared with her head tilted to one side. I stared. I loved the deep colour of the roots and the pink. I loved how white blonde the ends were. I just couldn’t work out how the entire look felt.

You can see it in my face that I am not totally blown away.

Saffron and I decided this look needed more pink. MORE PINK PLEASE!

Oh and more pink did we get!

So, Saffron took out strips of tin foil and like speedy gonzalos, whizzed round adding more and more colour to my hair.

As I waited for my hair to transform, I was unleashed! (Basically by this point I was dying for the bathroom, so Saffron let me go to the toilet and wander round the salon for a nosy. Oh my word, I had a BLAST)

This stain is where Saffron dropped a brush with dye on the floor. Now she has something to remember me by. Whoops.

These look pretty!

Oooh! So many colours!!

I started to get excited by the fact I was in a salon and able to go backstage and take a closer look around the place!! Let’s go shall we?

Oooh what is this?

Ooooh ahhhhhh. So this is where she was mixing my colours.

Seeing this reminded me of staring at the period table in chemistry at school.

An entire wall of leaves!! Can you be-leaf it?

This reminded me of the movie “The Runaway Bride” where Julia Roberts’ character designed funky lamps!

HOW COOL IS THIS!!! Charge your phone while you have your hair done!! This place has so many perks!

I’ve always wanted to hold a hair dryer and pose like this in a salon. Another item ticket off the bucket list!

Look how fancy that wash station looks. Those chairs are SO COMFY!

A beautiful product stand all lit up by the front!

I have no idea what this machine is, but it reminded me of an Arnie movie called “Total Recall” this is all an illusion!!!

I’m having a blast right now. Don’t mind me.

It had gone dark now. Saffron washed my hair again, (lucky me! More time in the squishy chair!) and once again, did a blow dry and she was super gentle! NO PULLING, TUGGING or CLAWING !!!! Yay!

Aaaaaaaand we have the final result!!! Are you ready for it??

Well here’s my before:

Blonde bombshell.

Anndddd…..this is after the blow dry:

Saffron curled the hair for me because you all know I’m a sucker for curly, bouncy hair. And this is the final result.

I’m SO in love. What’s more, There was a side room with a studio set up and an amazing ring light!

Time for Laura to play!!!!!

It was AMAZING. What a day!!! What an experience!! I felt pampered like a celebrity! And I felt SO lucky to get to have a cheeky look around the place!

Saffron told me what products to buy to keep my beautiful hair vibrant and healthy and it came in a lovely bag too!

I know I got over-excited but what else can you expect when your hair looks like this!!!

I absolutely love my new look. The quality of the colour and how Saffron has blended it with so many different shades is absolutely mind-blowing.

I’m not just saying this as a family member. I actually feel really lucky to be even remotely, related to the owners of Safy B’s.

Saffron is a national treasure, hidden in this beautiful gem (otherwise known as a Salon) The care and diligence she puts into her work is above and beyond anyone I’ve ever known.

Not only that, but she and Andy have built this stunning Salon that is welcoming, warm, fun and comfortable! With all the little perks to make it more memorable and fun!

Thank you so much Saffron for an incredible day. Yes I did end up having a weep tonight, just so grateful to have been giving a new lease of life.

I feel girly and fun and creative and it is JUST what I’ve needed!!

You can follow Safy B’s on Facebook (Safy B’s Hair Salon)

Or Instagram: @Safyb_salon

If you want to see what gorgeous colour you can achieve and book an appointment at Safy B’s tell her “Laura Burton” referred you and you will get 25% off!

And I promise you, it will be worth every penny.

5 Stars.

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