New Supplement for Depression – That actually works!

(Note: This is a customer review. Any “claims” made in this article are purely opinion and I can not promise you will have the same experience as me!)

If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t, you should! I am a lot more active over there so you’re missing out! @lauras_beautiful_world) You might have noticed I’ve been posting about something, I like to call, a “Hug in a mug.”

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So, it’s been a while now since I’ve had these supplements, and I am finally ready to share the story! So, what’s the deal Laura? Settle down, it’s story time…

I am a big fan of the company Truth Naturals. I have been using their CBD products for just over a year now, and I can not even put into words how much they have changed my life. In fact, CBD was a total game-changer for helping my mother with her chronic back pain. However, I’ve been a little shy about sharing with the world, just how much I love their products because…CBD….it still has a stigma attached to it. Even though there is 0% THC and no side-effects associated with actual cannabis…well…people still judge.

However, I got an email one day last month, (December 2018) announcing the launch of a sister company with an all-new range of supplements! And guess what…none of them were CBD products.

Intrigued yet? Well I was!

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So fancy! The website is swish and clean, super easy -to- navigate around…and having been a loyal customer to their sister company, Truth Naturals, I had more confidence that whatever these black bottles were, were going to be great!

What makes them different?

The burning question for me was this; what makes these supplements different from the bazillions (is that a word?) of supplements already out there on the web?

I will hold my hand up and say that I am an Amazon-junkie. Not only that, I will search for new supplements and vitamins to fix me on a weekly basis. I have spent thousands of pounds lots of money on various brands of pills and potions and the fact I’ve still been looking for that elusive cure for depression, means that nothing was helping me enough.

Whats worse, I have unopened bottles of pills in my cupboards…because here’s the kicker: when you suffer with depression – you’re too depressed to take those stupid pills.

I would read reviews on supplements and have been offered advice on many occasions that the answer to feeling better, was to take these pills regularly for a couple of weeks to feel the benefits.

A couple of weeks.

Sorry, but when you’re depressed, waiting a couple of weeks for something to make you feel better could be the difference between survival and well…not surviving.

Not meaning to go all dark on you, but that’s the fact. Depression kills. Some of us don’t have the drive to try something new for weeks to see if it helps.

You need something to help. Fast.

This is where Truth Origins comes in. But I’ll elaborate on that topic in just one moment, it is important to share some more ways the products differ from all those other supplements on the market.

Vegan Friendly

No fish products. No animal products. Not tested on animals. These products are plant-based and totally guilt-free. This is a big deal for me, as I’m very passionate about the animal kingdom and saving our planet.

Speaking of saving the planet…

No Plastic Containers

Say What!!? No way! Yes, way! The bottles are made of glass that even blocks out UV rays to keep the purity of the supplements they’re carrying. Now that’s impressive.

Soluble Supplements

I grew up with my dad popping little effervescent tablets in his drink to get Vitamin C into his body. These supplements are a little like that, but they’re already a liquid…and no, not an oil! (Yuck!) They are a light liquid that you spray into your favourite beverage!

The benefits of soluble supplements is that it enters the bloodstream much more quickly than a pill. And…it’s easier to drink something than glug down a pill that looks suspiciously like it should be a suppository. (Just saying…some of those pill supplements are huge!)

Liquid Omegas

My grandad died when I was a baby. I never got to know him. I mean, I’m pretty sure he whispers advice to me or shows me signs he’s guiding me on a near-daily basis (If you believe that type of thing,) but I never got to sit down with him and learn all about Omegas. You see, my grandad lived in the 50s/60s/70s/80s and he was hugely passionate about E-Numbers, natural therapies, the goodness of turmeric, broccoli, garlic, cod liver oil…and so much more. It’s an interest that I was literally born with. It’s like part of his DNA is in me and drives me to all these topics of health and well-being. No one in my family researches biochemistry and natural-therapies like I do.

Like, I’m kind of obsessed.

But what I do know, is that my mum told me he would give her big lectures on how important OMEGAS are for you health.

So, unfortunately, we don’t have my grandad here to explain why Omegas are important for our health. But thankfully, there have been an abundance of scientists and interested-individuals who are happy to publish their findings on Omegas and what they do in the body.

According to WebMD, Omegas (Fatty Acids) help with:

  • Blood fat 
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Baby development
  • Asthma
  • ADHD
  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia


Not only that, they have been found to “boost the effects” of antidepressants! So, if you’re taking anti-depressants, you absolutely should speak to your doctor about taking Omegas as well.

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 21.15.21


Truth Origins have a soluble, plant-based OMEGA supplement to add to your drink. When I saw this, I nearly fell off my chair. (Figuratively speaking) This is HUGE.

But the question is, DOES IT WORK Laura??

So, I decided to act as Guinea Pig for all my lovely (and somewhat depressed) readers. Because hey, after Christmas, the last thing anyone needs it to spend money they don’t have on yet another supplement that promises to cure your depression that ultimately sits in the cupboard for months to come.

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 21.16.59

Side note: I highly recommend getting a pug mug. This is from Asda, and that referral was for free. Ha – Ha. 

I put 6 sprays of this Omega solution into my cup (or pug mug) of water in the morning. The smell reminds me of cinnamon rolls. Not-surprising because the flavour is vanilla and cinnamon. I can’t imagine why you would add this to fruit juice, because the drink has a flavour of it’s own. I can possibly see this working well with Hot Chocolate – because hot chocolate and cinnamon is a match-made-in-Heaven. Well, it is if you’re a Once Upon a Time fan, that is.

Uh oh, I digress. Stick to the programme Laura…

So the drink…it mixes very quickly and turns the water a lovely shade of gold. On the first sip, a smile crosses my lips. Every. Time.

The taste is – as expected – like vanilla and cinnamon. It sort of reminds me of Camomile tea. It’s warmth…it’s like putting on a fluffy pair of socks on a cold winter’s day. Or being wrapped up in a blanket by the fire…

That’s one of the reasons I call this drink a hug – in – a – mug. The drink embraces you and your senses are flooded with warmth and subtle sweetness.

Within minutes of finishing my drink for the very first time…I decided to get up and take the dog for a walk. The short walk turned into a 2 mile stroll. I was smiling. My thoughts sped up and I had a sense of clarity.


The noticeable change though, was that dark, black cloud of misery and depression – the one that shrouded my thoughts and motivation in blackness and hopelessness, evaporated. I could think straight. I felt able to get up and about. To move.

And because I was moving more, and getting out of the house, I was feeling even better. It was like a domino effect…

It’s been nearly a month since I started taking my Omegas…and on the days I do not take them, I notice. I’m slower. More-fatigued. Not as motivated.

This drink, in my opinion, is an important staple in your life if you are vegan. Simply because it’s really hard to get those fatty-acids in your diet as they are often found in….fish. (Flaxseed has Omega 3 in it! Add it to everything in your diet!!)

Also, if you are affected by the “winter blues,” or suffering with depression, I highly recommend you try this product for yourself. I’ve been raving to my friends about this drink, and posting on social media about it. Go back and check through my blog, I only do these reviews on products I’m completely SOLD on.

If you do decide to give the Omega drink a go, I want to hear from you! Either email me or write in the comments on this post! How do you like the taste? How fast was it for you to feel the benefits? I’m so excited about these products and know they will make a positive impact on lives. We just need to get the word out!

Share this post, so your friends can find out how taking Omega supplements can fight depression too!

I’ll be back to talk about some of the other supplements that Truth Origins offer, until then folks. Enjoy your hug-in-a-mug! (Cheers!)








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