Swindon Pet Groomers Get a Hollywood Makeover

It is no secret that I own a Poochon. She takes up a lot of my Instagram newsfeed these days, but with her huge eyes, adorable facial expressions and fluffy fur, can you blame me? Her fur is much similar to a sheep’s coat. Wooly, fluffy and curly! She doesn’t shed like most dogs and regarded as “hypoallergenic” which is a welcome perk to having a Poochon (PoodleXBichon Frise) especially as our home is full of people allergic to cats and dogs.

A by-product of her designer coat though is the upkeep. She requires daily grooming to avoid matted fur and regular trips to the groomers to keep her from turning into a white woolly mammoth.

Back in the days when I was a makeup artist and did home parties selling cosmetics and skincare, I met Ann Marie Szanto. I didn’t even own a dog at the time, but when I adopted little daisy, I asked her for recommendations on a dog groomer. I thought she was a dog walker, but turns out she owns a grooming parlour within Haydon Wick, Swindon. I took Daisy to be groomed as a young puppy and the rest is history. We’ve been going every 6-8 weeks ever since.

The business is called Hollywood Pet Grooming Services. And my initial review on the company can be found on their wonderful Facebook page here.

Recently, they were closed for renovations and I had the opportunity to take a peek, while I dropped Daisy off for her appointment yesterday.

IMG_9439I must say, I was blown away. The team at Hollywood Pet Grooming Services have undeniably upped their game. Now, not only do they provide a Hollywood service to our precious pooches, but they have the setting to go with it.

The parlour is fresh, clean and bright, it’s welcoming and perfectly reflects the treatment that Daisy receives when she’s there. At Christmas they gave her a present, she’s always cooed over and what I really love is that the ladies talk to her.

IMG_9444 I believe in nothing but the best for my furry princess, and they really have rolled out the red carpet – so to speak – so that their doggie clients have a 5* experience.

Ann Marie and Vanessa are warm, friendly and highly-experienced in dog-grooming. The results are nothing but impeccable, I always make a point of paying extra because their prices are so affordable it feels cheeky to only give the amount they ask for. With newcomer Charlie, who is a sheer delight to speak to, this dog grooming company really shines. A perhaps, hidden gem within Swindon, it’s certainly not to be missed.

I love how they are able to take her from looking like an extra on the set of Pirates of Penzance and transform her into a suitable companion for the likes of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.



Lights – Camera – Action.




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