10 Reasons Why Everyone is Joining Audible

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Full disclosure:

I just joined Audible.

So, naturally, I now believe everyone is joining Audible.

You see, I’m the gal who is often late to the party––so to speak––when it comes to hype. I was one of the last people on the planet to read Twilight, for example. (Pretty sure that’s not an exaggeration)

Audible has been around for ages. I’ve seen the orange icon on ads,  subways,  phones, social media etc. But I guess the sceptic in me thought, meh––who has time to listen to an Audiobook?

Turns out. Everyone does.

And everyone should. Because Audiobooks are life-changing. It’s no wonder that this recent article states one-in-five Americans listen to Audiobooks. Now the bug is coming to the UK with a rising excitement flooding the internet.

But WHY is it catching? And just WHAT is so special about Audible? Well, I’m here to give you the low-down on it all.

If you want to know why everyone is joining Audible and see exclusive behind-the-scenes insight on what it’s like once you’ve signed up, then keep reading.

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1. Audiobooks bring a story to life.

Have you ever settled down and opened up a book. You glance at the clock and promise yourself just one chapter before that mountain of laundry gets your attention? Or just a few more pages before you roll over and go to sleep?

Then the words disappear from the page and something quite magical happens…. the world around you is gone and you are transported into the story. In a sense of total escapism.

Well, an Audiobook is like that experience… on steroids.

Imagine hearing your characters speaking with their quirky accents. Imagine not having to guess the correct pronunciation of those weird names. (Fun fact: I spent years reading “Professor Ma-go-na-go-na-go” before the Harry Potter movies came out. I also learned I was incorrectly calling Professor Snape, “Professor Snap.” Which would make me chuckle at the passages that would say “Professor Snape snapped.” I would chortle, shake my head with disbelief and say “Oh JKR you funny, funny woman.”)

The magic of the story encircles you. It feels like you’re truly IN the story. That it’s all happening in real-time and these characters are your friends.


2. A Welcome Distraction For Sufferers of Chronic pain/illnesses.

Fibromyalgia. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Cancer. Just a few conditions that might have someone struggling to get out of the house. With each of my pregnancies, I suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum––an acute and debilitating form of “morning sickness” that had me bedridden and gravely unwell for months. I did not even have the energy in my arms to hold a book. Let alone turn the pages and read.

But I loved to read. So much.

Watching the moving pictures on the TV would stir up nausea like a raging beast. This was utterly tragic because anyone who knows me will know I am obsessive about TV and movies.

I did, however, listen to podcasts and YouTube videos.

They kept me from totally losing my mind. I tell you. Being in bed day in day out, battling with pain and sickness is soul-destroying. I know that audiobooks have helped my friends through depression, or sitting in hospital during chemo.


3. Some Books Sound So Boring They Could Cure Insomnia.

This might be a little tongue-in-cheek here. But every narrator is different. Some are energetic and engaging. Some are monotone. I’ve listened to some that have downright put me into REM Sleep. And no, it wasn’t a hypnosis audiobook.

Life is constant. With social media and the never-ending scroll… (did you notice that? Newsfeeds just keep going and going and going. We sit like trolls, mindlessly scrolling forever and ever until we die. Even thinking about that creeps me out.) It’s hard to switch off at night. (I don’t just mean switch off the phone, either.)

Listening to an Audiobook can be really calming. (So long as you’re not listening to a Steven King audiobook.) It’s a lovely way to wind down and relax after a long hard day debating about Brexit over social media and commenting on Kim Kardashian’s new lipstick.

Okay, I’m being cheeky again, but seriously, Audiobooks can really mellow you out and help you sleep.


4. Audiobooks are not as heavy as real books.

I kid you not. When I was a teenager, I swear I gave myself a mild concussion while trying to read Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix in bed. I had attended the midnight launch and picked one up at my local bookstore. I tore through the pages and read and read and read… my eyes drooped and my arms were aching, holding this beast of a book over my head. Still, I persisted. I needed to know what happened to Harry.

Just one more page. Just one more…


I fell asleep still holding the giant book and dropped it right on my forehead. Had a headache for days.

It’s okay though JKR, it was totally worth it. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

Ahhh, but if it came out on AUDIO… well that whole situation could have been avoided. And back then, without the movies, it would have been SO COOL to hear Harry speaking!

Note to self: download Harry Potter to listen to.


5. Learn on the go.

Commuters have been known to enjoy listening to audio. My dad would listen to tapes in the car on his long drives to work and back. He loved it. This isn’t news to anyone, I’m sure. We’ve all seen those “learn a language” packs they sold as early as the 90s.

And there is a wealth of audiobooks on self-help, self-development, and education. In fact, non-fiction books on Anxiety, Hypnosis, Health and wellbeing are in abundance. These kinds of books are arguably the most popular categories on Audible.

So, now you can be cleaning the house, walking the dog, driving to work and learning something new at the same time. Or escape into a whirlwind romance with bucketloads of cash, brooding-yet-charming Billionaires, sassy and feisty heroines and Big City dates.

I digress.

The point is, audiobooks are so convenient. So easy to use. So… on the go. Anyone can benefit from them.


6. Audible is Netflix for audiobooks.

Audiobooks are… pricey. It’s the one downside. I WISH I could listen to 100 audiobooks every month. But at around $20 a pop, I’d have to be a Billionaire’s wife. (I’m not.)

Audible allows you to download one book a month with your subscription, which I expected to be around the price of one audiobook. But NO, it’s much cheaper! Much, MUCH cheaper!

What’s more, is you can get BIG discounts on other audiobooks. You can swap your audiobook for another one… oh the possibilities are endless!

So, if you want to get stuck in on at least one audiobook a month, it’s a no-brainer to sign up.


7. Audible has a great app.

I’m super picky when it comes to apps. I HATE it when they don’t load properly, or they’re constantly being updated. Or when you finally download the thing to find that some of the features don’t work as they’re supposed to and every time you try to use it ends up with you rocking back and forth with wide eyes muttering something inaudible under your breath.

Audible’s app is easy.

EASY I tell you.

It’s streamlined, easy on the eyes and I love how fast and convenient it is to log in.

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8. Audible links with Amazon reviews.

This is SUPER helpful. Quite often, there are audiobooks that haven’t got many reviews on Audible but have loads on Amazon. Well, you can see reviews on Audible.uk, Audible.US and Amazon. This can really help you decide whether a new book is worth using your credit for.

Also, there are THREE ratings on Audible.

Performance – Listeners rate the narrator’s performance of the book.

Story – Listeners rate the author’s writing and vision.

Overall – An overall opinion of the book.

Funnily enough, I’ve seen people rate the story and narration really low and still give the audiobook five stars overall.

Yeah, I’m not sure why either. Still trying to figure that one out.


9. You Can Listen to Unlimited Free Audiobooks.

I’ll do another blog post on this. But Authors and Narrators do have access to special codes to allow listeners to redeem and download a book totally free. Usually, it’s offered in a giveaway or in exchange for an honest review.

I will write more on where to find these code keepers and all the secret places you can check out to be the FIRST to know about new ones appearing.

But you guys… FREE AUDIOBOOKS. Yeah, Baby. That’s what I’m talking about.


10. There is Something for Everyone.

The Audiobook market is fast-growing. I suspect that the subscription price will increase soon enough. More and more books are being released every hour and there are hundreds of categories to choose from.

So whether you’re into a clean, romantic comedy with swoon-worthy romance. Or a swashbuckling space pirate adventure with steampunk elements, you’ll find something you’ll love.

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