Sneak Peek of Who Wants to Date a Billionaire? by Laura Burton

The sound of the door banging against the wall caused Emily to spin on the spot and stare, open-mouthed at a dripping wet David, in nothing but the world’s tiniest towel. The two of them gawped at each other, then Emily burst out laughing. Forgetting that she was wearing nothing but a white satin slip, she dropped the dress.

“That was the world’s fastest shower,” she said between breaths. She had to gasp for air after laughing so hard. “Why are you wearing a face cloth?”

David’s face grew crimson red as he clutched the towel protecting what was left of his modesty.

“There aren’t any towels in the bathroom.” He sidled toward the closet. Grinning sheepishly at her, Emily roared. In fact, she laughed so hard, she creased over clutching the splitting pain in her side as she fell onto the bed.

“You look––”
Emily eyed him. His body glistened in the golden sunset streaming through the windows, which softened the lines of his muscles. Yes, he did look sexy. But the minuscule square of cotton had her rolling around on the bed with laughter again.

“That is the funniest thing I’ve seen all year!” She sat up and looked down at the dress laying discarded on the bed. David disappeared behind the door of the closet and Emily took the opportunity to pull on the dress in a swift movement. She was bending her arms back like a contortionist when David reappeared, this time with a large white towel wrapped around his waist. Suddenly, the sight of him was far less amusing and a lot more thrilling.

“Do you need help with that?” His voice was low and silky as he swaggered across the room, toward her, closing the space between them. Emily’s cheeks warmed as she eyed him.

“I’ve managed to dress myself perfectly well for the last twenty-five years,” Emily said defiantly as her fingers slipped over the zipper. David rolled his eyes and ran his hand through his wet hair.

“Turn around,” he said with a sigh. Emily gulped. She lowered her hands and slowly spun to face away from him.

Two hands gently grasped her dress from the back and pulled as the zipper rose to her neck.

“There,” David whispered softly. He swept her hair away from her neck, and the touch of his lips against her skin sent shivers down her spine. Emily turned around and looked up at him. She wondered if his skin was on fire; the heat radiating off his body flooded her senses and she bit her lip against the rush of excitement growing within her.

It would have been so easy to throw her arms around his neck and give into her instinctive urges.

“We got married today,” David’s low voice vibrated through Emily’s body. She inhaled the menthol from his body wash and held her breath.

“Sorry Mr. and Mrs. Marks, the door was ajar. I did knock.”

Emily and David jumped away from each other and looked in the direction of the apologetic voice by the door.

Who Wants to Date a Billionaire? by Laura Burton

A Matchmaker and a Billionaire in a fake marriage. But hidden agendas come to light and the line between fantasy and reality begins to blur. A light romantic comedy for fans of HITCH and THE PROPOSAL.

Who Wants to Date a Billionaire? is available on ebook, paperback or audio. Grab your copy here.

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