Ten Books to keep you sane when you’re going crazy

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In the Burton household, we are on day 16 of isolation. The covid-19 virus continues to sweep across the globe and I know for many of us, it means we are stuck inside to keep ourselves- and others – safe and healthy.

For many of us, staying inside is a welcome relief from our hectic daily life. Things have slowed right down, but recently, the walls are starting to close in and I have been turning to books for an escape. That, and my Oculus Quest which allows me to take a stroll anywhere in the world. (follow me on instagram for a snazzy picture) #VRselfie lol.

So, I took the liberty to compile a list of books to dive into that will not only help you survive isolation, but to THRIVE. These books have made me laugh, helped my family relationships and helped me a lot with self-development.

So I present you:

10 Books to keep you sane when you’re going crazy

I avoided this book for ages due to the cheesy title. But a friend was posting about it on social media and I decided to give it a go. Wow. I devoured this baby in two days. It’s a great read with a lot of “duh, I should know this” moments.
A beautifully written and uplifting book about Michelle Obama. It’s no wonder this book is still sitting pretty at #2 in the whole Amazon store.
I am often asked “how do you do it?” when I talk about my experiences. I’m a stay-at-home mother that dropped out of school. I have no credentials. Yet, I ran a successful cosmetics business and now I’m working full-time as an author and blogger. Wanna know HOW to be successful? This book. It’s getting old now, but the advice is still relevant and powerful.
This book gave me a lot of “aha” moments. It really takes you back to the feelings and needs I had as a teenager. Things I should remember, but have long forgotten. It’s a great resource to use now your teens are stuck home 24/7.
I adore this book. It was an amazing eye-opening read and made a LOT of sense. Written by an expert and in a easy-to-read format, this is packed with essential advice to help you understand your emotions, where they are stored and how to deal with them. This book is gold.
This book saved my marriage. I’m kidding. My marriage was never in trouble. But this book helped me not only to understand why my husband acts like an alien, but why I think and behave the way I do as well. What I will say though, is some female/male attributes are inter-changeable. But it’s helpful to understand when my husband needs to go to his man-cave, and why I have to reach the bottom of my well.
This book will help with any relationship. Learn more about how YOU love and identify how others are showing you they love you! This book honestly had me shouting “Wow!”
This book is unlike anything I’ve ever read before. It’s very real. Not only is Laura a comedian and over-sharer. But her story of addiction and recovery is inspirational and uplifting to read. Be warned: lots of swearing and talk about drug and alcohol addiction.
I wish someone gave me this book when I was a teenager. It tells you SO much about the real world. How to behave at a dinner appointment. How to be a great conversationalist. How to be social. As an aspie, I struggle so much with social cues and expectations. This is the perfect manual to explain exactly what to do (and not do) to win friends!
This is my best-selling book. A light-hearted romantic comedy with a dash of suspense to give you thrills with all the feels. Billionaire Edward goes under cover to find a woman to fall in love with him in 10 days. Every thirteen minutes, a new reader picks up this book. If you love How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, you will devour this.

So there you go. 10 books to keep you sane when you’re going crazy. How many of them have you already heard of? Which books would YOU add to the list? Let me know in the comments.

And in the meantime, stay inside, stay safe and lots of love.

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  1. Pride and Prejudice because it’s a classic and it helps you escape from our time period.

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