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Prime Day has arrived, which is super exciting. But also incredibly exhausting to scroll through pages and pages of deals, trying to see if there’s anything good to buy. So, I took the liberty of scrolling through all the listing and picking out my favorite ones! So, kick back, relax and check out these amazing steal deals. There are eight of them, and as always, I’m saving the best til last!

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Deal #7

Starting off with this light romantic comedy. It’s set in a castle in scotland, where two strangers have to pretend to be in love to win a life-changing £100,000 prize. The ebook and paperback are both on offer, saving you at least $3. Pick up your copy here $0.99

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Deal #6

I have a notebook obsession/addiction. And upon seeing these ones, I just had to include them in my list. They’re a great saving, and the metal ring binder makes them easy to write in. Not that these books are made to write in….right? I mean, I am over the moon when I pick up a pretty notebook with an inspiring message. But some of them are just too pretty for me to write in. I mean, what words could possibly be good enough to do that cover justice? Nope. The pressure is just too much, so I just collect them like trophies. There are lots of designs to choose from and they come with a nice $1.95 saving so you won’t break the bank to get one. Or two. Or three… choose your favorite design here. $11

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Deal #5

I move around a lot in my sleep, and in the mornings, my hair looks like a bird’s nest. I wish I was joking, but I’m deadly serious. Sometimes my hair gets so matted it’s extremely painful to brush it out. But aha, my sister-in-law (she’s an award-winning hairdresser who has her own salon. Check out this post if you’re curious) told me to buy a satin pillow. And voila. No more matted hair! At least… until I throw it in the wash and use a normal pillow case. Anyways, this one is amazing quality and comes in at a nice $5 off. Which color will you pick? Grab your bargain here. $19.99

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Deal #4

With over 100,000 reviews and a 4.7 star average, I had to include this deal in my line up. The one stop cooker is a staple in every kitchen. Only…I don’t have one! Yet. Mwa ha ha. Now thanks to Prime Day I can grab one at a nice $19 saving. This is perfect when you want to spend less time in the kitchen and more time in a book. Pick up yours here. $59.99

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Deal #3

This is a beautiful, practical piece of furniture. And a huge saving of $236! And it’s on wheels. I’ll hold up my hands and say I’ve never considered getting a trolley. But this is so tasteful and stylish…how can I say no? Check it out here. $133.44

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Deal #2

This is the best vacuum I have ever bought. Before I invested in a Shark, I was buying new vacuum cleaner every year. Usually because they would break, or they were too heavy and hurt my back to lift up and down the stairs. Once, when my youngest was a toddler, he got his foot caught in my hoover. He still has the scar. And that went in the trash immediately. The Shark vacuum automatically switches itself off if a toddler wanted to stick his foot in there. (But don’t try that at home please.) It also has a lift away feature, with one button-click the vacuum turns into a small hand held drum that is so easy to carry up the stairs. My son likes to pretend he’s Luigi from Luigi’s Mansion. Anyways, this vacuum is worth the full-price. But during Prime Day you can get a very handsome $80 off the sticker price. Grab it here. $149.99

Deal #1

The star of my list is hands down, the Kindle Oasis bundle.

Saving $110 when you pick up the 32GB, you’ll have everything a bookworm could need at a super steal deal price. The bundle comes with a power adapter, cover, stand and the brand new Kindle Oasis. Best-loved for it’s warm light, giving the feel of reading an old paperback––but light-weight in your hands. This is the ultimate deal on Prime Day and as Amazon manufacture the Kindles, I’m not surprised. They come in several colors, so the only thing you need to decide is which one will you choose? Check it out here. $239.97

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And that’s all I have for you today. Did you spot any great deals? Let me know in the comments.

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