About Laura’s Beautiful World

I’m a young(ish) Homeschooling Mum, who writes about motherhood, dogs, anxiety and depression, beauty and philosophy.

I want readers to feel good after they have read my posts. In everything I write, I follow these principles:

– Time is precious, if my readers give me their time out of their busy day to read a post, I make sure it’s worthwhile.
– Is it entertaining, educational, uplifting or insightful? If it’s none of the above, I don’t post it.
– Product or Company reviews need to be honest, well-researched and written in an easy-to-read format allowing my readers to make informed choices!
– Be authentic, Be real and add a touch of Sass.

If you want to contact me about reviewing your product/business or talk to me about writing for you please email me at: laburton08@yahoo.co.uk