Laura’s Tasty Beef Stir-Fry

I love a good stir fry. It’s easy, quick and can be jam packed with goodness! I like to sneak in a few extra ingredients my picky children (and husband) normally avoid. Such as flaxseed and spinach - two “superfoods” that should be in everyone’s diet. Today, I put this together on a whim and … Continue reading Laura’s Tasty Beef Stir-Fry

Messages from Heaven

In my post The Pathway to Healing is not Simple, I promised that next time I go out for a walk I’ll share some beautiful hidden treasures in Swindon. Today is the day, I got ready for school run, dropped the kids off and ventured out wherever my heart compelled me to go. I anticipated … Continue reading Messages from Heaven

Grounding: Day Twenty Four

Grounding: Day Twenty Four Today I acted as Nurse Burton because all three of my children were unwell with fevers and upset stomachs. Once all the boys were settled, I took the opportunity to clear out my kitchen. I want the energy to flow easily in my home. I absolutely hate clutter, and yet having … Continue reading Grounding: Day Twenty Four

Grounding: Day Twenty Three

Grounding: Day Twenty Three Today the sun has been shining, the air is almost warm and my mind was buzzing with ideas. Grounding today was inspiring and I felt an energy boost being outside and grounding with the Earth. It feels like the grass, the trees, the flowers - even the soil, have all woken … Continue reading Grounding: Day Twenty Three

Network Marketing: My Younique Story

I have written and deleted this post many times. It’s one I know a lot of you have been waiting for. You want answers. It’s hard to walk the line between being honest and respectful. Hopefully I have succeeded in educating and enlightening without hurting anyone’s reputation - as this is not intended.  I was … Continue reading Network Marketing: My Younique Story

Grounding: Day Twenty One

Grounding: Day Twenty One Want to know how cold it was today when I stood outside to ground? -3 degrees. MINUS THREE PEOPLE!! I have decided I’ve lost the plot. Who in their right mind, stands barefoot in the SNOW? This gal. Every Wednesday I am sad, missing my dad so much it causes me … Continue reading Grounding: Day Twenty One

Grounding: Day Nineteen

Grounding: Day Nineteen I lost my phone. What does this mean? No camera. No evidence. laptop charger had gone missing too. Therefore I had no ability to post yesterday! BUT I promise I DID go outside and stand in the cold for two minutes in an attempt to “ground” myself. Here were my notes … Continue reading Grounding: Day Nineteen

Grounding: Day Eighteen

Grounding: Day Eighteen Wow. The sun was out today and the ground was warm and tingly. It made my grounding experience extremely positive and I could really sense the season is soon to change. Despite the oncoming “beast from the East” I.e. Snow/Ice storm that is expected to hit the East of the Uk This … Continue reading Grounding: Day Eighteen

Grounding: Day Seventeen

Grounding: Day Seventeen The trees in my garden have started growing leaves, it was really nice to see the plants starting to form buds, waking up for Spring. I became aware of my posture today, my lower back had been hurting me and I found that when I stood more upright and relaxed my shoulders … Continue reading Grounding: Day Seventeen