Good Grief––Are you still here?

It's been ages since I've written a blog post. So much has happened, so much has changed. This blog has evolved, over and over and funnily enough here we are going full circle. I'm back here because I want to talk about grief. This was my outlet when my father passed away. This blog got … Continue reading Good Grief––Are you still here?

Update: Life is Bittersweet.

I want to make something incredibly clear. When I am perceived to be doing well at something, whether it's a new business venture, or publishing my own books... do not feel jealous. I do well in projects when I am struggling the most with my mental health. I don't know why, but it's true! I … Continue reading Update: Life is Bittersweet.

Missing a loved-one at Christmas

There is a sadness that has over time turned from an all-consuming pain to a dull ache throbbing in the background. Yet, as Christmas Day approaches, the volume of this pain is increasing at an alarming rate. Carols that Children sing While, with tears, my ears just ring With the echoes of the past. The … Continue reading Missing a loved-one at Christmas

The Trauma of Losing a Loved One

Note to the reader - This post is extremely painful to write and even more distressing to read. If you are a family member, or particularly sensitive, please click on HOME and find a happier post to read. A considerable amount of time has passed. 382 days in fact. 382 new days in this world, … Continue reading The Trauma of Losing a Loved One

What To Do: When A Friend Loses A Loved One. (Pt. 1)

On October 31 2017, my life changed completely. I changed. The only way I could find to express my complex feelings and ever-evolving emotions, was by writing my thoughts down on this blog. This blog, that got me into trouble more times than a few. The blog that was "too open," "too depressing," "too negative," … Continue reading What To Do: When A Friend Loses A Loved One. (Pt. 1)

Dear Friend…(A letter from someone who is hurting)

I saw these pictures come up online and my emotional response led me to writing a post about it. I realised that not only did I completely relate with the message of these pictures, but I realised I was not alone in the suffering. So, this letter is for everyone out there who is hurting … Continue reading Dear Friend…(A letter from someone who is hurting)

Grounding: Day Twenty Nine

Last night I dreamt I was camping with my family. My whole family. As in, my dad was there too. We were in a group talking when I suddenly seemed to become more aware and turned to my left and said “Dad! You’re not supposed to be here! You died!” And he smiled, placed his … Continue reading Grounding: Day Twenty Nine