Grounding: Day Twenty One

Grounding: Day Twenty One Want to know how cold it was today when I stood outside to ground? -3 degrees. MINUS THREE PEOPLE!! I have decided I’ve lost the plot. Who in their right mind, stands barefoot in the SNOW? This gal. Every Wednesday I am sad, missing my dad so much it causes me … Continue reading Grounding: Day Twenty One

Grounding: Day Fourteen

Grounding: Day Fourteen I forgot to ground today!!! It was totally dark outside and pouring it down with rain when I remembered I had completely forgotten to do my daily grounding. I still did it. And had to put my camera in night-mode to attain the photographic evidence. Today I miss my dad. It was … Continue reading Grounding: Day Fourteen

Grounding: Day Eleven

Grounding: Day Eleven Today I learnt a valuable lesson. Even if you’re grounded, you can still feel like you’re falling. I think whenever I read blogs about these lifestyle changes they sell the idea that all your worries and problems will go away if you just did a, b and c. So after spending an … Continue reading Grounding: Day Eleven

Grounding: Day Eight

Grounding: Day Eight The sun was out in full glory today and I was in a much better mood - further supporting my belief that my moods reflect the weather. When I stood in my back garden I noticed all sorts of sounds I previously ignored...the cars and trucks rushing along the main road, the … Continue reading Grounding: Day Eight

Grounding: Day Seven

I had little drive to go outside and "Ground" today. You see, my father passed away Halloween 2017 and I'm still very much in the thick of the grieving process. I have my bad days and my not-so-bad days, but at the moment, every day just feels like it lacks something...or someone. I woke up … Continue reading Grounding: Day Seven

Grounding: Day Six

Grounding Day Six: Last night we had a storm which continued through this morning and well into the afternoon. I was beginning to worry that I’d have to do my daily “grounding” with an umbrella and let my feet get wet! But; once again, there was a short sunny spell in the late afternoon and … Continue reading Grounding: Day Six