Homeschooling – A Day in a Life

  Before I took the plunge to homeschool my kids, I could not visualise HOW I could do it. I would look at all these homeschooling mums with so much respect and awe, wondering how they stay sane and keep up with the mammoth responsibility to educate their children. Then I was forced to make … Continue reading Homeschooling – A Day in a Life

New Eyeliner Trend Alert!

  So here’s a funny story. I was at the checkout most likely looking something like this: Which is my “No make up, crazy hair, don’t care” look which I’ve been sporting lately. And the girl at the checkout had the most amazing eyes! They were a striking blue with a dark eyeliner, false lashes … Continue reading New Eyeliner Trend Alert!

PURPLE SHAMPOO! What is it, and does it work?

I have been colouring my hair blonde since my teens. (Which is an uncomfortably long period of time) And yet I've always struggled with the brassy/yellow tones in my hair making me look more like a scarecrow than a blonde bombshell. I've always dreamed of the day that I finally go Platinum. Through family history … Continue reading PURPLE SHAMPOO! What is it, and does it work?

Straightening things out…starting with my teeth!

I have always tried to hide my teeth in pictures because I was so ashamed of my crooked smile.  When I was a teenager I had braces but as my wisdom teeth came in, my front teeth- particularly the bottom ones- all bunched together and all that pain and hard work was undone within a … Continue reading Straightening things out…starting with my teeth!

Grounding: Day Twenty Nine

Last night I dreamt I was camping with my family. My whole family. As in, my dad was there too. We were in a group talking when I suddenly seemed to become more aware and turned to my left and said “Dad! You’re not supposed to be here! You died!” And he smiled, placed his … Continue reading Grounding: Day Twenty Nine

Chicken Schnitzel, Sweetcorn Bulgar and Chilli Mayo.

I tried this recipe from Gousto yesterday with some skepticism. One; I had never tried Bulgar wheat before and two, I wasn’t sure I could make a schnitzel. However; the easy step by step directions on the recipe card made it a lot less daunting and I managed to come up with this: It wasn’t … Continue reading Chicken Schnitzel, Sweetcorn Bulgar and Chilli Mayo.

Grounding: Days Twenty Eight

Grounding Day Twenty Eight: My daily routine of popping outside and standing barefoot on the ground has become so normal, I haven’t really had anything to write about. Though I will say that I’ve noticed a change in my mood. I have a hope alive in me that just wasn’t there before. A twinkle in … Continue reading Grounding: Days Twenty Eight