Grounding: Day Eight

Grounding: Day Eight The sun was out in full glory today and I was in a much better mood - further supporting my belief that my moods reflect the weather. When I stood in my back garden I noticed all sorts of sounds I previously ignored...the cars and trucks rushing along the main road, the … Continue reading Grounding: Day Eight

Grounding: Day Seven

I had little drive to go outside and "Ground" today. You see, my father passed away Halloween 2017 and I'm still very much in the thick of the grieving process. I have my bad days and my not-so-bad days, but at the moment, every day just feels like it lacks something...or someone. I woke up … Continue reading Grounding: Day Seven

Grounding: Day Six

Grounding Day Six: Last night we had a storm which continued through this morning and well into the afternoon. I was beginning to worry that I’d have to do my daily “grounding” with an umbrella and let my feet get wet! But; once again, there was a short sunny spell in the late afternoon and … Continue reading Grounding: Day Six

Grounding: Day Five

Grounding: Day Five I feel a lot better today. No more chills/fever and aches. In fact, I feel brilliant. I awoke before my alarm went off and decided to actually do my hair and make up this morning. After some pampering and snuggles with the dog, I ventured outside for my daily “Grounding”. Once again … Continue reading Grounding: Day Five

Grounding: Day Two

  Grounding Day Two: Following my gym escapades and crazy disco school runs yesterday you can imagine how I woke up this morning. One word. Beginning with P. And no, it’s not “Peaceful” Pain. Oh my. My legs were burning! Yes, ladies and gentleman, this girl was on FIRE! (Sing it with me) My back, … Continue reading Grounding: Day Two

Grounding: Day One

If you missed this post where I explain what this 30 day challenge is all about, you might want to go check it out before cracking on with this one. So, here's my round up of day ONE of trying this Grounding method out! Theoretically, I should feel a reduction in aches, pains and even stress, because … Continue reading Grounding: Day One

I’m going to stand bare foot in my garden for 2 minutes every day for 30 days…

The first time I heard about Grounding, was on the “Bringing Home the Browns” Facebook page. One of the comments said to try using a “grounding blanket” to miraculously heal any ailment. This was a really strong statement; so naturally, I took to Google and did a little research. Initially, I found a website that … Continue reading I’m going to stand bare foot in my garden for 2 minutes every day for 30 days…